4 ways integrating your systems will help you achieve your goals

Disparate systems are often a major issue for organisations and can lead to: lost time, errors, unreliable & inaccurate information. Caused by a lack of visibility through the different systems and the duplication of efforts.
Integrating systems using a program such as IMAN, can be a very effective way of alleviating these problems and massively improving the way you use your systems to achieve your goals.   
1.    Save time and reduce errors from duplication of efforts
Must the same information be entered onto several of your systems? Is this time consuming and does it lead it errors and inaccurate data?
An effective integration program, such as IMAN, allows all of your systems to be effectively consolidated to prevent the duplication of effort. Data will only need to be entered into one system and you would be able to access this information from any of your integrated systems.
2.    Tracking Stocks
Do you track stock from multiple warehouses or via third parties? Does this cause problems accurately tracking exact available stock?
At Acuity, we have worked with many companies who have suffered this problem so severely they were unable to meet sales orders.
One company in the manufacturing and distribution industry, uses a third party for warehousing and did not have any visibility of their stock levels. This resulted in them being unable to meet 5% of their yearly sales orders. This doesn’t sound extensive but when we calculated their lost revenue it was totalling approximately £91,000 per year.
Using IMAN they were able to integrate all of their warehouses together to provide much better visibility and to accurately predict what stocks they have available and the exact location of that stock.
This company is a Fast Track 100 company and is continuing to grow rapidly.   
3.    Automatically Processing Orders from Online Stores
Do you have a website which generates sales? Does this link with your back office to generate a sales order?
If not, this process can be integrated making it more efficient by cutting out any duplication also preventing errors occurring from inaccurate rekeying. It will allow sales orders only to be processed if the relevant stock is available.
Customer complaints due to duplicated web orders are a common problem for many e-commerce companies. If you have experienced complaints regarding unavailable stock, integration from IMAN may be what your company needs.
4.    Co-ordinating Global Operations
Companies with global operations often have different sites around the world using different systems that often need different regulatory requirements. Integrating all their different systems gives companies visibility of all of the operations occurring in each of the countries, whilst still allowing them to comply with specific legal and fiscal requirements for any individual country.
One of our customers in the telecommunications industry uses an integration to deal with an issue they have with treasury control. As they operate in many different countries they have suppliers and agents worldwide who require multiple currencies. IMAN allows them to integrate their treasury management software with their Sage 300 systems to giving them a single version of the truth.
For more information on how integration could work for you or a demonstration of IMAN please contact Acuity Solutions at accountmanagement@acuitysolutions.co.uk