Acuity & Sabis - Two Years On

  • by Marcus Leathwood - Tue, 10/29/2013 - 00:00
It’s been over two years since Acuity acquired Sabis Consulting and we are delighted to say that things have turned out very well!
The catalyst for the two companies to come together was Sage ERP X3. At Acuity we realised that by adding this product to our portfolio we could provide more sophisticated, multinational solutions to larger clients, a more comprehensive upgrade route for customers looking to expand, and enable our customers to address new markets that couldn’t be served with the current product set. 
Sabis had already achieved considerable success as a Sage partner and had a global client list, plus it had a team highly skilled in large, multinational implementations and its consultants had already become a founding Sage ERP X3 Partner. It was also looking to expand, but needed some help in order to do so.
Combining the expertise of Acuity and Sabis has created a business that, for the first time, can provide solutions across the entire range of Sage products from Sage 50 to Sage ERP X3, from ACT! to Sage CRM. 

Greater than the sum of the parts

Since the acquisition Acuity and Sabis have learnt a lot from each other, and have integrated so successfully that we recently collected the inaugural Sage ERP X3 Business Partner of the Year award. The combination of Acuity and Sabis means that our customers can get everything they need from a single supplier, whatever the size of their organisation, and wherever in the world they are based. Our consultancy team has been augmented by the skills and expertise that the Sabis consultants bring, and we can now offer their clients access to all the services we provide, including our highly capable software development team.

Finding your perfect solution

So, whether you are based in the UK, Europe, Africa, Asia or the USA we can now offer you a solution. It’s not unusual for our consultants to be in Ghana one day, and in Guildford the next. As a combined team we now have the skills and experience to develop business solutions for larger organisations, and meet the needs of our existing international customers.  And rather than taking months, or even years, to develop the skills necessary to meet these sophisticated demands, the acquisition of Sabis brought them into Acuity, up and running, from day one. And with the entire Sage product portfolio to choose from we can ensure that you get the product that is ideally suited to your needs, whether that’s Sage 50,  Sage CRM, Sage 200, Sage ACCPAC, or Sage ERP X3. 

A great team

Having capitalised on each other’s strengths, success and credibility, we have built a joint business that meets the needs of our customers, while creating a great working environment for both Sabis and Acuity team members. 
We believe that we and our customers can only continue to benefit from the experience, passion, leadership, and vision that Sabis and Acuity share, and that we will continue to see success for us and our customers in the future. 
With our shared principles and philosophy, the acquisition has energised both teams, providing a perfect home for Sabis customers and staff, and creating a springboard for future growth.