Ditch the disparate systems. Manage your whole business with Sage ERP X3

  • by Marcus Leathwood - Mon, 06/16/2014 - 00:00
Sage ERP X3 is a proven solution in 60 countries worldwide and Acuity currently support customers in 28 of them.
Today, more than 2,000 companies worldwide – ranging from 4 to more than 2,000 users – maintain their competitive edge with Sage ERP X3 and these powerful features:
•    Fast and easy integration across all of your organisational structures (e.g. decentralised business units, international branch offices, etc.) and existing IT solutions
•    Trouble-free customising/adaptation to specific processes in your organisation and business units
•    Flexibility for future expansion/restructuring of your enterprise
•    User-friendly ergonomics enabling users to quickly start using the program
•    Cost-efficient, easy to control IT infrastructure
Capture and analyse every detail of your company’s financial status and make decisions:
•    User-defined fiscal calendars, general ledger accounts & analytic dimensions
•    Extensive budgeting capabilities
•    Intercompany trading capabilities
•    Financial extraction, reporting and intercompany consolidation
•    Employee expenses entry and management
•    A complete audit trail available across the entire ERP system
•    Detailed risk analysis
Avoid overspending by ensuring you get the right price, from the right supplier:
•    Manage requests for tender and responses, contract and blanket orders, comprehensive supplier rating and classification, and statistics
•    Create free pricing criteria and associated rules
•    Plan and order with or without MRP replenishment
•    Create delivery scheduling and receiving
•    Control commitments against budget
•    Open item management and tracking
•    Manage payment term scheduling and mass payment campaigns
•    Create user-defined payment processes
Simply and easily manage your inventory from movements and transactions to quality control and replenishment. With the inventory system you will have:
•    A multi-level warehousing and location management system
•    Flexible location management so that you can use dedicated, suggested, or random storage for single or multiple item location
•    Stock management by physical location, lot and sub-lot, quality status, serial numbers, expiration dates and potency
•    Consigned inventory and third-party inventory
•    Inventory replenishment with or without MRP
•    Intra-company movements
•    Forward and backward traceability
•    Cost accounting
Gain full control over your production processes with a complete manufacturing management system that can be adapted to different manufacturing modes including make-to-order, configure-to-order, assemble-to-order, make-to-stock and mixed-mode environments:
•    Discrete/process manufacturing  
•    Bills of Material/recipe management/formula management
•    Technical data configuration
•    Manufacturing project management
•    Work schedule management
•    Material Production Schedule/Material Resource Planning
•    Weighing scales
•    Cost calculation
•    Quality assurance
•    Infinite/finite scheduling
•    Capacity planning
•    Key performance indicators (KPIs) and analysis
Customer Relationship Management
Get a 360° view of all your customers across sales, marketing, customer service and support to:
•    Build strong relationships with prospects and customers
•    Create effective marketing campaigns
•    Build contact management strategies
•    Manage your sales pipeline
•    Support call centre capabilities
•    Manage warranties and service orders
•    Create and share customer information form 'quote to cash'
Create a sales order process designed to meet your individual needs:
•    Manage quotes, contracts, blanket orders, orders, inventory allocation, delivery scheduling, shipping, returns, and invoicing
•    Use a customised product configurator
•    Carry out credit checking and customer ratings
•    Create your own matrix of pricing rules
•    Calculate sales commissions
•    Create your own cash collection process
•    Manage customer reminders
At Acuity we work actively with over 25 Sage X3 customers, across 28 international geographies covering 5 continents.
Call us for a brief informal chat about Sage ERP X3, or to discuss your requirements in more detail on 01932 237 110 or email sageinfo@acuitysolutions.co.uk
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