Sage ERP – Future proofing your business

  • by Marcus Leathwood - Wed, 05/28/2014 - 16:25

What we are seeing across many new and existing customers is a commonality of drivers for change.

Whether it be scalability, efficiency, reliability, security and/or growth, the one thing in common is that there is a compelling driver for change, a new way of working that makes sense from both an operational and financial perspective.

There are additional considerations and business drivers but some of the common compelling reasons are:

- Increase productivity – getting more with less

- Improve Insight – The who, what, why and where

- Expanding operations – Going international, more sites etc.

- Cost Effective – Gone are the years of blank sheet ERP implementations which have no end in sight, it needs to be rapid & simple, making use of best practice, staying on track and on budget.

What we are seeing is that Sage ERP Solutions are able to demonstrate how they help organisations to quickly work through a transition to gain immediate wins but also how it will support the future needs of organisations, independent of size and or location.

Whilst we are presenting just some of the opportunities and challenges, again we have found these to be common to our customers and prospects today.  Customers realise that there were a number of efficiency gains to be made from moving to Sage ERP.  

- Efficency - A new deployment needs to make people more efficient, if there is more work to be done by the user then it will not be successful.

- Real time – We need information, up to date and accurate, waiting until month end to get a consolidated view is not acceptable. But this shouldn’t be a 5 day process for someone to give us this information either.

- Expanding Operations – This can range from companies deciding to grow their business internationally, through to the handling of multiple business entities, acquisitions, and multiple locations domestically or internationally.

- Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – A challenge we have here is to increase the scope of our system without dramatically increasing its cost.

When it comes to customers reviewing Sage ERP a number of our customers concentrate on the tactical wins.  I.e. Quick ROI

- Getting a simple to use system, which either gives you or enables you to define what best practice looks like.

- Getting the right information to the right person at the right time, in real time. Either at local, international or group level.

- Single view of their companies whether they are in the UK or international and if they are international dealing with that compliance.

- Bringing multiple systems into 1, reducing risk of failure between systems and reducing overall ongoing costs and ultimately driving efficiencies across the business. The need to avoid multiple systems with multiple support contracts and multiple suppliers. Effectively - one throat to choke!

When it came to the business case they focused on the tactical opportunities and wins.  Whilst there are many other gains not outlined here, there were 3 main tactical opportunities that would justify the investment in a new solution to address the challenges and opportunities they had.  

These included:

- Bringing 4 systems into 1, reducing risk of failure between systems and reducing overall ongoing costs and ultimately driving efficiencies across the business.

- A new warehouse. They were expanding their business and needed to be sure that any new solution would be able to scale both in the immediate and longer term.  More importantly a core strategy to their business was based on on-line orders through a new web-site that is going live this year and Sage ERP X3 was seen as a great solution to support all the back office functions of the new web-site launch.

- Another, but compelling opportunity was to leverage additional business wins against a struggling competitor to increase revenue and gain market share.  They realised that whilst a key competitor was struggling now, that this may only be a short window of opportunity and the efficiency, plus professional gains through Sage ERP X3 would support their aim of quickly gaining market share and increasing revenue.

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