If you manage the distribution of products you’ll know how complex it can be. Every day you need to get the right items, in the right quantity, to the right customers in the right place at the right time, and in the right condition. At the same time you need to do all this cost effectively and profitably. That’s a big task! At Acuity we can help you, with our expertise and our solutions, to manage distribution successfully, whatever industry you’re in and whatever the size of your business.

Complete visibility

The key to effective, efficient distribution is visibility. If you don’t know what’s going on and, perhaps more importantly, if things are going wrong, then you can’t get things right. We can help you to increase the visibility across your entire supply chain. You will not only be able better manage demand, you will also be able to streamline supply and inventory, driving costs down and profitability up.

Increased customer satisfaction

At the heart of every distribution system is a customer. With so much competition in the marketplace, both in the UK and from overseas, you need to deliver a service that meets each and every customer’s expectations, time after time. All our solutions offer integrated customer relationship management (CRM). You will be empowered to respond quickly and appropriately to any issues, and even to pre-empt them. Ideally your customers should be your greatest advocates, and with CRM you will have the tools to make sure you can do your very best to make sure they are.

Simplifying a complex task

Whatever industry you operate in, and whether you need a simple inventory system or a complete supply chain management solution, we can help. Our cross industry expertise and broad product range, coupled with our software development and customisation skills, mean that we can help you to build your ideal solution. Distribution can be complex. We will work hard to make it work as simply and smoothly as possible for you.
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