Success in the financial services sector requires that you comply with a whole range of legal and fiscal regulations, while also giving your people the tools they need to compete on the global stage.

Speed, accuracy, and compliance – a winning combination

You must ensure that your customers can have confidence in you, that you are financially stable and transparent, and that you offer consumer protection, all while operating at speed and with great accuracy. With our global experience and multinational solution set, at Acuity we the have people, the expertise, and the products you need to build a world beating financial services solution.

Compliance across your enterprise

Whether you have multiple offices in the UK or operate internationally, we can help you to create an intelligent, interactive solution across all your operating units. Powerful workflow processes, built around your business, ensure that everyone follows the correct procedures, and that nothing is overlooked. You can be sure of achieving companywide compliance, and your customers can have confidence in your ability to get things right, every time. 

A single, companywide solution 

Multiple operating units mean multiple sets of accounts. With our solutions and expertise your solution will be able to manage each operating unit separately while also creating an aggregated view across territories, companies, departments, and products. With a depth of analysis that will let you segment financial data in multiple, user defined ways across your business, you will, at the same time, be able to meet multiple language, currency, and fiscal requirements. 

Getting everyone on board 

It doesn’t matter how good a solution is if people find it hard to use. Our browser based solutions deliver powerful functionality in a familiar environment that can be accessed from wherever your users are working, in the office, at home, or on the road. At the same time powerful integration capabilities mean that we can help you to deliver all the functionality and information your team needs, from multiple data sources. 
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