Logistics is a complicated business. Focused on minimising the use of resources and working in realtime, you need to be responsive to customer needs. From planning and control, to the monitoring of all internal and network-wide material, part, and product flows along the entire value-added chain, there is a lot to do.

Meeting the logistical challenge

At Acuity we have the solutions and expertise to help you build an organisation wide solution. You will be able to see what is happening as it happens, and aggregate information from every part of your business to support quick, decisive, and accurate decision making.

Bringing everything together

Successful logistics requires that you know what is going on in every part of your business, and can get that information fast. Our solutions feature a set of core, enterprise wide workflow management features that will help to transform your business into a real time, on-demand organisation. Processes will be optimised so that they flow through the business, ensuring nothing is overlooked. People will have access to the information they need at the touch of a button, wherever they are.

Getting up and running, fast

In such a fast moving environment you can’t afford to wait months or even years for an IT solution to come on line. ERP has had a huge and positive impact on business, but many organisations are wary of it, fearing spiralling costs and never ending projects. Our solutions bring you the benefits of world class ERP while also being easily customised. With a low total cost of implementation and ownership, these solutions are quick to get up and running, Sage ERP X3 for example, can be implemented in as little as 30-40 days.

Meeting the global challenge

Customers are everywhere, so you must be too. Multiple operating units mean multiple sets of accounts. With our solutions and expertise your solution will be able to manage each operating unit separately while also creating an aggregated view across territories, companies, departments, and products. With a depth of analysis that will let you segment financial data in multiple, user defined ways across your business, you will, at the same time, be able to meet multiple language, currency, and fiscal requirements.
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