As a manufacturer you will be focused on optimising your business to deliver the highest quality products in the most efficient manner. Our manufacturing solutions will help you to manage the processes, the information, and the people that you rely on to make this happen.

Making manufacturing work

Helping to streamline your business, our solutions will enhance your ability to collaborate with customers and suppliers. And, calling on our extensive expertise, we will work with you to drive down costs, improve efficiency and decrease errors. 
From simplifying regular tasks to standardising and optimising production, we can help you to save time and money through automation and customisation. At the same time you will see your lead times reduced and customer satisfaction increased.

A range of solutions, whatever the shape of your business

You may operate solely in the UK, have suppliers or customers overseas, or you may be part of a multinational group. With a wide range of manufacturing solutions and globally experienced consultants, we can build a solution for you that matches how you work now, while creating a growth path for the future.

Whatever your needs, we can help

There is no such thing as a typical manufacturer, but there are common practices and processes. Sage manufacturing solutions are used by over 80,000 manufacturers in the UK alone, so their ability to meet a huge range of different needs is well proven. Using these solutions we can help you to gain control over your entire process, whether you are involved in assembly, discrete, process or ETO manufacturing. From the procurement of raw materials through to the production planning, scheduling and delivery of finished products, we’re here to help.

Gaining visibility and control

Communication is vital to creating an efficient manufacturing process. Connecting everyone from suppliers and shop floor staff to other manufacturers and customers, our solutions will let you share information with whoever needs it.
Creating a single business wide source of information and control, you will be able to manage the different elements of your business, helping to drive profitability and streamline your entire manufacturing process.