The telecoms market is a highly competitive one in which you need to work hard to stay ahead of the competition. Your customer service must be extraordinary, your billing accurate and timely, and you need to make every interaction with every customer or prospect count. You also need to be able to operate in a marketplace that may span the globe, managing a business that works in different languages, different currencies and different legislative regimes. 

Standing out from the crowd

At Acuity we have the international expertise and the products you need to deliver excellence across every part of your organisation. We can work with you, wherever you operate, to build solutions that will give you the functionality you need, with a fast return on your investment. 

Service, service, and service

Our customer relationship management (CRM) solutions will build you a complete picture of prospects and customers that is available to everyone. From marketing and sales to customer service and support, we can help build excellent customer service into everything you do. Helping attract more prospects and build long term relationships, our CRM solutions will reduce customer churn and drive up profitability. 

A local and a global solution 

Competing in a global industry requires a global solution. With expertise across countries on every continent, we can support you whenever and wherever you need us. You will be able to meet your language, currency, and fiscal requirements around the globe. Without compromising your need for local solutions, you will also be able to aggregate data from across your organisation to create a global picture, so that you can see what is going on in every part of your business. 

Fast track your solution

Whether you want an on premise, hosted, or Cloud solution, or a combination of these, you can have it. In addition our solutions will bring you the benefits of world class ERP while also being easily customised. With a low total cost of implementation and ownership, you will have the solution you need in a reasonable timescale. Sage ERP X3 for example, can be implemented in as little as 30-40 days.