Sage Additions

Acuity has developed and implemented tailor-made Sage Additions for Sage Line 100 and Sage 200 customers and other Sage Business Partners since the product’s inception. These are the four Sage Additions modules that we are currently providing.

Sage Additions Modules:


AcuityDDC -DD Collection Module 

AcuityDDC enables businesses to operate an automated payment request system to produce batches of payment requests on the
BACS system. The system analyses the aged debts and produces Direct Debit collection batches for DD-defined customers, based on rule sets that dictate invoice selection for singular or multiple collection and frequency of collection, and allows for payment schedules with automated allocation of confirmed receipts. The system provides flexibility to allow editing of batches and manages the production of notifications, via prints and emails, and concludes with upload files to suit all mainstream banking software.

AcuityCSM - Contract Sales Manager Module 

AcuityCSM (Contract Sales Manager) enables businesses across a wide range of industry sectors to run successful sales and customer service operations in the contractual and repetitive sales environment. The module tracks all repetitive billing as stored against the contracts with their recurring and associated costs. The system creates suggested billing runs and invoices into SOP, and automatically updates the nominal ledger with deferred income and accrued costs. Any business that periodically invoices customers while tracking associating costs with a desire for automatically producing the necessary accounting transactions, such as deferred income, will have a need for this Acuity module.

AcuityFAM – Fixed Asset Module

AcuityFAM, Acuity’s Fixed Asset Module, sits in Sage 200 with list view and menu stack bar just like a Sage module. It integrates fully
with Sage, allowing input of purchases from Sage P/L, as an additional tab on invoice input, or from FAM and posts to P/L.
It integrates with N/L for period depreciation and transferring location (C/C) or recategorisation. Disposals are integrated through to raising a sales invoice to account for loss/proceeds. Reporting in statutory like lead schedules for accountants. Overview as well as usual reporting all exporting to Excel.

AcuityWTE – Web Time and Expenses Module

AcuityWTE enables businesses to allow remote users to input their time and expenses in base or foreign currency against projects in Sage PA. The system has user administration to restrict users to only input time and expenses against projects they are permitted to see, therefore allowing subcontractors on specific projects to utilise it, without full visibility. The administration also holds contractual hours to assist users to know what time is not fully or partially allocated for a day. The home page uses a web calendar control to give a quick view of outstanding input. Built-in authorisation via email exists for expense and TS authorisation.