Sage 200 Extra


Sage 200 Extra software helps you manage your finances, customers and business insight in one solution. It’s designed to help you share data easily; work smarter and ensure your whole business works together efficiently as well as delivering real cost benefits to your business.

Often used by companies of 20 to 200 people with a turnover of £1 to £50 million this modular ERP system is often the first port of call for growing companies.

There are a huge range of choices available to allow businesses with specific needs to pick and choose the modules specific to their business, such as order processing, invoicing, manufacturing, stock control and project accounting.

Why you should choose Sage 200 Extra

Own and control your hardware

The traditional route of owning, controlling and managing your software within your business is one that has been tried and tested over the years. The positives are significant here ranging from the added security of being in house to the ability to make changes quickly. Costs are also up front and as such clear.

Accurate, timely insight that helps you drive success

Save time and support key decisions by getting straight to the business critical data you need, from sales, to orders, invoices, productivity, budgets, profits and much more in a single system.

Get up to date, real-time information quickly and easily via personalised dashboards, without the need to spend time compiling reports.

Or drill down into the detail and the information that shows you what’s important to you with customisable screens and controls.

Work more smartly and efficiently with greater control

As it offers more than just accounts, Sage 200 Extra helps you build a joined up, efficient business, connecting all your different teams from sales to customer services, dispatch to financials.

Get the right data to the right people, so they see what they need to see without being distracted by too much information. Control access with different levels of admin rights to maintain control over sensitive data.

Software that fits your business

Pay for what you use, not what you don’t. Choose different modules depending on what your business needs – financials, invoicing, order processing, project accounting, customer relationship management, bill of materials and manufacturing.

Add or remove modules and scale the number of users up or down to match the flexibility of your business. And choose the payment and deployment options which make sense to you. 

Acuity can help you tailor the software to work for your individual business needs and integrate existing tools and applications.

Access data any time from anywhere

Sage 200 Extra offers the option to access data when away from the office or out on the road. Authorised users can access key information through an internet connection, enabling you to use a wide variety of mobile devices as well as standard PCs, laptops and tablets.

This gives you the freedom to work anywhere, making it easy to access critical information when you’re out of the office visiting customers or suppliers, and making home working straightforward.


B.I. or Business Intelligence is a business analysis tool that comes as standard with Sage 200 Extra. It allows you to drill down into your data across every aspect of your business. Not only this but you can build your own tailored reports, explore different scenarios, create personalised dashboards and share the data throughout your organisation.