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A standout feature of Sage Intacct is its intuitive and customisable dashboards, which provide a comprehensive overview of financial data and KPIs. In this post we’re sharing our top 5 features of Sage Intacct Dashboards and how they empower customers to drive success…


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1. Real-Time Data Visualisation

Sage Intacct dashboards present financial data in real time, so users have up-to-date insights into their business. Customisable widgets and charts provide a visual representation of data on revenue, expenses, cash flow and more. Users can quickly access live data and create reports to analyse real-time business performance, identify trends, spot anomalies and make proactive decisions.

Become your own Business Guru with Sage Intacct Insights! Read our free article here.

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2. Customisable Layout & Widgets

Sage Intacct dashboards have extensive customisation options, allowing users to design layouts that align with their unique needs and preferences. The drag-and-drop interface lets Sage Intacct users arrange widgets, charts and graphs to create personalised dashboards, tailored to their role or department.

This flexibility gives users access to the specific metrics and reports they need, with permission-based access ensuring sensitive information is restricted at the same time.

Integration with other key systems, like Salesforce Payroll, HR systems and more promote collaboration, with all users able to view information and communicate via one system. Users can configurate the system to access and download useful information, like social media statistics or customer feedback, at the click of a button.

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3. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

A game-changer for Sage Intacct customers, users can define and track their most important metrics, like gross profit margin, accounts receivable turnover or inventory turnover (or whichever metrics they need!). By monitoring KPIs in real-time, businesses gain a holistic view of their performance and easily identify areas for improvement. These insights help drive strategic planning, enhance operational efficiency and optimise resource allocation.

Explore the power of Sage Intacct Dashboards in our video overview below.

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4. Drill-Down Functionality

Sage Intacct dashboards provide users with the ability to drill down into the underlying data, offering a deeper understanding of financial trends and anomalies. They simply click on a chart or widget to access detailed reports and transactions related to the specified metric.

Intacct’s rich reporting is almost limitless in capabilities; compare operational statistics, financial metrics, summaries or pull up close-related figures any day of the month you want!

This level of drill-down functionality enables Sage Intacct customers to slash their month end close time, completing it in days instead of weeks, and to contextualise and present insights relevant to specific user needs.

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5. Mobile Accessibility

Without doubt, accessibility and flexibility are vital to the success of a modern business. Sage Intacct dashboards are mobile-friendly by design, allowing users to access critical financial information anytime, anywhere from their internet-connected smartphones, tablets or laptops.

The responsive design ensures dashboards adapt to the screen size, for a seamless user experience across devices. Users stay connected to their financial data whether they’re in the office or on the go, helping them make informed decisions and take immediate action when needed.

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