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If you’ve found your way to this article, the chances are you are responsible for managing the Finance and accounting systems of a Recruitment or Staffing Agency – and more than likely frustrated with their limitations.

Common frustrations reported with recruitment accounting software include:

  • Slow or Inaccurate Financial Reporting
  • Labour-intensive Manual Payroll Processes
  • Difficulty Managing varying Billing Frequencies

Sound familiar? Read on for some insights into how Sage Intacct is helping recruitment agencies overcome their challenges.


Sage Intacct for Recruitment Agencies


Find out the 7 key reasons Recruitment Agencies choose Sage Intacct

1. Sage Intacct meets the unique needs of Recruitment and Staffing Agencies

As a finance leader in a Recruitment or Staffing Agency, you have a unique set of requirements; you want (and need) to be able to streamline your billing, commissions and processes with timely access to accurate reporting.

This is precisely where Sage Intacct for Recruitment agencies comes into its own – imagine using a system that delivers:

  • Real-time access to financial data
  • Customisable reports & Dashboards
  • Automated workflows
  • Fully customisable customer billing software
  • Enhanced Project Management capabilities
  • Integration with existing key applications e.g. Salesforce

The benefits of Sage Intacct for Recruitment Agencies are vast, aimed at arming the right people with the right information whenever they need it. At Acuity we work with Recruitment Agencies like yours, helping them achieve their specific goals with tailor-made solutions.

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2. A Project Manager’s Dream; Sage Intacct is Flexible and User-Friendly

Accounts and Project Management in a recruitment agency calls for access to real-time data in order to track the project status, determine profitability and control costs.

Sage Intacct equips you with the ability to track and drill into the operational and financial data of a project by region, department, client type and many more ways, providing full visibility into the project status at any given time. The automation of workflow promotes productivity within the organisation and frees up valuable time otherwise spent on manual processes.

Project Managers can then react faster to changing circumstances, meet deadlines and automate otherwise labour-intensive manual processes.

Be sure to read our next blog where we’ll be talking about Project Management profitability and successes using Sage Intacct.

sage intacct dashboard

3. Recruitment Accounting Software made for Decision Makers

Imagine having on-demand real-time access to operational and financial data; Sage Intacct enables you to create customised reports accessible anytime, anywhere (with permission-based access).

With access to budget vs actuals, project overviews, spending and profitability, key decision makers become empowered with the knowledge they need to plan and steer the project towards success.

Dynamic and intuitive role-based dashboards allow fast, easy access to business and project performance and status, so action can be decided upon and taken when its needed most.

Sage Intacct encourages Company-Wide Responsibility

4. Sage Intacct encourages Company-Wide Responsibility

When individuals and teams have real-time access to the information they need, their focus can switch from reactivity to proactivity.

Featuring customisable dashboards, Sage Intacct for Recruitment Agencies can help your finance team, account managers and business development professionals identify trends, potential opportunities or threats and to raise awareness and take the right action at the right time.

A true cloud financial management system, Sage Intacct can be accessed via web browser anytime, anywhere – helping you stay one step ahead.

Cloud accounting software

5. Sage Intacct is a fully-cloud financial management system

Born in the cloud, Sage Intacct features innovative technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. Easy integration with your payroll, CRM and HR systems brings all your business data together in one place – improving visibility and control.

With Sage Intacct, the need for costly investments in IT infrastructure, support or servers is eliminated, and say goodbye to frustrating system slow-downs with increased activity and data volume as your business grows – Sage Intacct simply grows with you!

The ‘open API’ of Sage Intacct means it can integrate with a wide range of existing applications (payroll, CRM etc) promoting smoother working across all departments and the company overall.

Achieve growth with Sage Intacct

6. Sage Intacct promotes Profitable Business Growth

If business growth is an objective for your Recruitment or Staffing Agency, you need a system that can handle multiple users, multi-entities and possibly multi-currencies.

With detailed reporting and the ability to automate workflow and integrate with existing systems, fully-cloud based Sage Intacct is ideal for Recruitment Agencies who plan on business expansion and the specific challenges that involves.

7.     Proven Reliability with Sage Intacct

When it comes to customer satisfaction, Sage Intacct was ranked 1st place on G2’s GridReport for Mid-Market ERP Systems over 5 years in a row – how’s that for reliability?!

Recognised by analysts including Gartner and IDC for its innovative and powerful applications, Sage Intacct is also accompanied by an airtight SLA – guaranteeing you a Buy with Confidence peace of mind.

As far as recruitment accounting software goes, Sage Intacct ticks a myriad of boxes with comprehensive financial management and project-based accounting features – helping to cut valuable time spent on manual tasks and to drive strategic growth.

What next?

At Acuity Solutions, we have over 30 years’ experience of implementing and customising Sage Software worldwide plus successful Sage Intacct implementation experience within the recruitment agency sector.

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