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Accounting software for marketing agencies: reasons to choose Sage Intacct

Accounting Software for Marketing Agencies

As Finance Leader of a Marketing Agency, you’ll understand that moving your business over to a new accounting system is a big and daunting task.

With the investment and time involved, it’s unlikely that you’ll make the change more than once or twice during your career.

So, whether you’re considering a move now or in the future, it’s important that you choose a vendor with a solid track record of supporting agencies like yours with the right solution to deliver the outcomes you need.

You’ll also need to find a partner that can support your business and become a valued extension of your team in the long-term.

Discover why Sage Intacct and Acuity are chosen as providers of accounting software for Marketing Agencies…

1. We understand marketing agencies and finance

Marketing agencies don’t operate like other businesses – we know that, and so does Sage Intacct.

Workflows and processes differ between departments, from PR to brand management, lead generation to content; your solution needs to accommodate multiple workflows and processes, tailored to each department’s needs.

Whether you’re needing to track and bill for your team’s time or manage a project to ensure it is delivered to deadline, Intacct was built to support the versatility that marketing agencies demand.


2. We deliver functionality uniquely suited to marketing agencies

Sage Intacct was designed for marketing agencies, allowing your team to track costs and advertising spending, determine profitability, accommodate your unique billing requirements, and more – all in one place.

For the finance team, Intacct provides:

  • multi-entity management
  • multi-currency support
  • a dimensional, AI-powered General Ledger
  • deep invoicing capabilities
  • revenue recognition
  • project and campaign management
  • costing and billing
  • custom reporting
  • time and expense management
  • and so much more.

Project managers and studio leads benefit too, with Intacct they can:

  • track and report on projects or campaigns
  • track time spent on tasks, projects, and campaigns with AI-powered functionality
  • access role-based dashboards
  • manage spending
  • utilise a fully-connected system with integration to Salesforce and hundreds of other programmes
  • manage talent and resources
  • manage and allocate AP for specific campaigns
  • and more.


3. We empower key stakeholders to make sound decisions

Sage Intacct empowers your finance team, executives, and project managers to find and utilise the financial data they need to make timely decisions.

Your finance team and project managers benefit from real-time access to reporting, budgets vs actuals, campaign spend, project overviews and other key metrics, while executives can easily see portfolios, department, and agency level KPIs and trends.

4. We help marketing agencies grow profitably

Over 100 marketing agencies have now turned to Intacct to manage their growth and are already seeing incredible results.

One example is Goodway Group, a leading independent digital media planner based in New York and operating around the world.

Goodway Group’s digital advertising advisory team were in the early stages of growth and struggling with expense processing, invoicing, and reporting.

They were using QuickBooks and Excel spreadsheets, and barely getting by. They knew that if they wanted to grow, they needed to make a big change.

The team wanted a cloud-based solution that would meet the needs of their virtual team, provide core job-costing capabilities, and automation for sustainable growth. Integrations were key, as was full visibility into financial data.

Since making the move to Intacct, the team now has full insight across operational dimensions, and has automated the previously cumbersome processes of job costing and billing, freeing 10 hours per week for the finance team.

Overall, they have been able to scale the business without constraints of back-office bottlenecks. An incredible result!

Read more about Goodway Group’s Sage Intacct implementation story.

5. Customers trust us, and analysts recognise Sage Intacct

Customers have ranked Sage Intacct as #1 for customer satisfaction on G2’s Grid Reporting for Mid-Market ERP Systems more than 5 years in a row and review scores on TrustRadius earned SI Best Feature Set and Best Usability awards in 2021.

Meanwhile, Acuity’s customers have experienced 40% business growth year-on-year, 250% ROI with an average payback period of 6 months, 79% time-to-close reduction and 40 fewer hours spent on reporting each month.

Who are we? What do we stand for? Learn more about Acuity and our journey…

Let’s go!

6. Buy with ConfidenceSM and fixed-price implementation guarantees

Sage Intacct has established a Buy with ConfidenceSM programme to demonstrate their commitment to your success, outlining the level of service you can expect.

Sage Intacct’s Service Level Agreement is detailed, airtight, and one of the strongest in the industry. Take a look on the [left/right].

With Acuity, you are in the best hands. While we’re not the biggest UK partner, with the most customers or awards, or the biggest team, we are big enough to look after your business, but still small enough that we care!

Acuity has been around for 30 years and is completely dedicated to providing Sage Solutions to customers to help them resolve their business challenges and contribute to their success.

We are the only Sage Partner in the UK to offer fixed-price implementation on all projects, unlimited free training for new and existing users, and we have a fantastic team that specialises in complex international implementations – no project is too big or too small.

7. Customer for Life: a roadmap for long-term success

When it comes to financial software solutions, one size does not fit all.

We work with you to understand what your business and team need, and what success looks like to your company.

From there, our team is here to assist you throughout your journey to ensure Intacct serves your organisation’s needs now but is also ready to propel you to growth and success in the future.

8. The first and only preferred provider of the AICPA

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) sets the professional and technical standards for the CPA profession and is the largest member association in the world with over 430,000 members in the US and internationally.

So, when AICPA announced that Sage Intacct was their first and only Preferred Provider, it was kind of a big deal!


9. We help create a culture of financial responsibility beyond finance

Sage Intacct gives your wider team the information they need to make financially minded decisions.

Armed with budget vs actuals dashboards which include insights into real-time campaign spend, time and expense, approvals, project overview reports and so much more, project leads can spot scope creep early on and act before it has a negative impact on profitability.

At-a-glance KPI metrics mean your project leads don’t need to spend hours manipulating and analysing data to figure out how campaigns are performing.

And one-click access to the details they need gives top-to-bottom visibility without leaning on back office resources, freeing up time for everyone.

10. We’re a leading technology provider born in the cloud

Sage Intacct has 20 years of cloud experience as an early innovator in cloud financials.

Intacct was born in the cloud and continues to lead the finance software industry with cutting edge technology such as AI and machine learning at the helm.

Digital connections and open APIs provide marketing agencies with the flexibility they require, connecting the wide range of systems required with Intacct to ensure the business runs as efficiently as possible.

Unlike on-premises legacy solutions, Intacct’s multi-tenant true-cloud foundation means you never have to worry about updates to software versions or complicated, expensive upgrades.

Intacct also provides key framework through AI and machine learning to provide speed, accuracy, insight to take your finance team’s capabilities to the next level.

While other vendors talk about where AI fits into their future roadmap, Sage Intacct is already delivering it.

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