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Achieve more with Acuity Add-Ons for Sage

As an official Sage Partner, we know that the functionality offered by Sage solutions is second-to-none.

So, you might be wondering why we have bothered to create Acuity Add-ons for solutions which are already helping our clients gain control of their business processes and achieve success.

The answer is simple: here at Acuity our top priority is ensuring our customers are future-ready.

Acuity Add-Ons

We want to make your Sage experience the best it possibly can be, so we have created these add-ons to improve your experience rather than replace existing functionality.

As an existing Acuity customer, you have access to our exclusive, built-in-house Sage software additions which have been designed and developed to enhance your solution and empower your business.

We offer exclusive add-ons for Sage X3 and Sage 200 customers.

Get an overview of the Acuity Add-ons available to you below.

Acuity Add-Ons for Sage X3

Sage X3 Approval Portal is designed to allow users to carry out all of their workflow approval signatures, on any device, without the need to ever log in to Sage.

Key Features:

  • Takes advantage of standard Sage X3 workflow functionality
  • Provides all required information for approvers to make informed decisions in clear and simple screens
  • EDM documents visible against transactions
  • Approve direct from mobile devices or tablets
  • Portal users do not add to your Sage user count
  • Includes optional bulk approval or rejection

Read more by downloading the datasheet.

Acuity has built upon the standard Sage X3 expenses module and made it into a module that provides the core functionality for any businesses managing expenses in their business.

Key Features:

  • Built Standard Sage X3 with new claim header and automatic postings to other modules
  • Populate all dimensions on entry for projects, cost centres etc
  • Create single claim workflow for multiple approval routes
  • Links to Acuity Approval Portal for simple online approvals
  • Able to be run on mobile devices
  • Attach receipts to claim lines, even from mobile devices

Sage X3 Automatic Exchange Rates allows for the system to automatically update the currency exchange rates from a trusted source without any manual effort required from users.

Key Features:

  • Simple to use and fully automated with Sage X3
  • Manages multiple currencies and different rate types automatically
  • Standard connection to rates based on more than 15 leading data sources including banks and other financial data providers
  • Includes exchange rate data for 170 world currencies, including Bitcoin
  • Can also be linked to other exchange rate sources on request

Acuity Add-Ons for Sage 200

The standard functionality within Sage 200 does not include automated Supplier Reference Checks. It needs to be done manually, is case sensitive and open to be missed by users.

Instead, our Transaction Reference Check Module:

  • Removes the risk of user error and paying supplier invoices twice
  • Reduces time spent on manually identifying and reversing duplicates
  • Improves efficiency, saves time and increases supplier satisfaction
  • Increases trust in the system for users and payment approvers
  • Has the added option to force references into upper case
  • Has optional settings around case sensitivity
  • Settings option to turn-off and by-pass for testing
  • View and check multiple transactions in one go
  • Can be used with single, batch and rapid entry

This module gives you the ability to import transactions for nominal VAT-able journals and nominal cashbook transactions (VAT-able and non VAT-able), replacing long-winded work arounds and making your lives easier! It also:

  • Provides functionality not available in standard Sage 200
  • Saves time with a direct import
  • Provides a validation screen which will highlight any issues
  • Provides easy to use templates for importing
  • Has a flexible template structure
  • Has a journal import with VAT/goods in a single line
  • VAT value override
  • Increases efficiency

The current process of allocation within Sage 200 is manual, time consuming and open to user error. This module saves time, increases efficiency and provides:

  • Reduced errors caused by manual adjustments
  • A dynamic and efficient method to auto-allocate transactions
  • Customisable settings to automate intelligent allocations
  • Settings to manage how the auto-allocation determines matches
  • Full validation screen
  • User friendly experience – simple screen layout
  • Compatibility with Sales and Purchase Ledger
  • A single screen to review and process all allocations

This module creates simple integration between your Direct Debit provider and Sage 200, producing a file for upload to your service provider and processing the payments in Sage 200. It also:

  • Facilitates the collection of direct debits based on outstanding transactions, which can be edited
  • Produces configurable output file formats as required for your provider
  • Provides standard output templates or can be customised as required
  • Generates a collection advice document to send to customers
  • Provides significant time savings
  • Is quick and easy to install, set-up, configure and use
  • Provides functionality not available in standard Sage 200
  • Includes creation of 1 x output file where no template exists for Direct Debit provider
  • Has simple rules set up within the module to determine what invoices are collected and how transactions are posted and allocated to the sales ledger and cashbook

The standard Sage 200 payment processing routine only processes in base currency. This module provides a payment processing screen to manage all of your foreign payments.

Features and benefits include:

  • Creates an output file for import into foreign banks in the required format
  • Option to select suppliers to pay by currency and payment group
  • Generation of a full and amended suggested payments report
  • Generates email remittances for foreign suppliers
  • Suggested payments report and screen to select the suppliers to pay
  • Amounts can be amended for part payments
  • Payments can be set-up in advance using an execution date
  • Rapid edit functionality for all supplier items in the payment run
  • Quick to deploy, easy to use

Acuity’s Invoicing Module provides extensions to the standard invoicing features and functionality available in Sage 200 for non-stock invoicing, including:

  • Import/Input invoices and credit notes with multiple lines and split nominal postings
  • Import status options are either “draft” or “posted”
  • Easy import with a simple CSV file, which can come from another system
  • Assists with replication between to systems
  • Single entry can create multiple invoices for scheduled payments
  • Multiple layouts with options for linking to customers
  • Full options for split nominal and split vat postings, to line level
  • Templates for repeat billing
  • Easy to copy transactions
  • Create credit notes from invoices
  • Option to roll back transactions to amend, correct and reprint
  • Full history and options to reprint
  • Searchable customer history
  • Customisable input format
  • Quick to deploy, easy to use

Acuity’s Nominal Code Remapper will allow you to update your chart of account to reflect changes and growth in your business by recoding your nominal accounts. Here is an overview of what you can do with this add-on:

  • Standardise Chart of Accounts across multiple Sage 200 companies
  • Cost centres and Departments can be added, removed or amended
  • Update chart of accounts where business has outgrown existing COA
  • Easy to use with a CSV import file
  • Re-codes nominal codes without losing transactions or entry of manual journals
  • Nominal code names can be amended
  • Cost centres and Departments can be added, removed or amended
  • Report categories can be updated
  • Updates default Nominal codes on Customer and Supplier accounts
  • Updates live sales orders and purchase orders
  • Updates deferred and pending postings

Acuity’s SQL Backup Utility allows Sage 200 users to create on demand backups without access to SQL. Features include:

  • Utility creates a backup of the nominated Sage 200 company and restores it into a test company.
  • Allows end users easy access to an up to date test environment
  • Saves time and increases efficiency
  • Installed as a Sage 200 menu option
  • Quick and easy to use.

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