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Sage 200cloud Extensions created by Acuity

Sage 200cloud is a complete business solution that can elevate your business to the next level and comes packed with functionality. Why did we create extensions, you ask?

Simple really. We didn’t create these small apps to replace existing functionality, we built them to enhance your experience of Sage 200cloud and get the most from your core solution. We have created solutions to support and strengthen particular workflow processes in Sage 200cloud, including Debit Collections, Foreign Payments, Invoicing, Nominal Remapper & SQL Back-up Utility – read more below.

Acuity Add-ons for Sage 200cloud

This module will create simple integration between your Direct Debit provider and Sage200cloud, producing a file for upload to your service provider and processing the payments in Sage200.

Key Features:

  • Facilitates the collection of direct debits based on outstanding transactions, which can be edited
  • Configurable output file format as required for your provider. Standard templates available or can be customised as required
  • Generates a collection advice document to send to customers
  • Simple rules set up within the module determine what invoices are collected and how transactions are posted and allocated to the sales ledger and cash book.


The standard Sage 200 payment processing routine only processes in base currency. This module provides a payment processing screen to manage all of your foreign payments.

Key Features:

  • Configurable output file format as required for your online foreign bank
  • Suggested payments report and screen to select the suppliers to pay
  • Amounts can be amended for part payments
  • Payments can be set-up in advance using an execution date
  • Generation of Remittance Advices to email suppliers
  • Quick to deploy, easy to use.

Acuity’s Invoicing Module provides extended functionality to the standard invoicing functionality available in Sage 200 for non-stock invoicing.

Key Features:

  • Import invoices and credit notes with multiple lines and multiple nominal codes. Import status options are either entered or posted. Easy to import with a CSV file
  • Additional features include: templates, ease to copy transactions, create credit notes from invoices. Roll back printed transactions back to edit and reprint
  • Quick to deploy, easy to use.

Acuity’s Nominal Code Remapper will allow you to update your chart of account to reflect changes and growth in your business by recoding your nominal accounts.

Key Features:

  • Recodes nominal codes without losing transactions
  • Nominal code names can be amended too
  • Cost centres and Departments can be added, removed or amended
  • Report categories can be updated
  • Easy to use with a CSV import file, Quick and easy to deploy.

Acuity’s SQL Backup utility allows Sage 200 users to create on demand backups without access to SQL.

Key Features:

  • Utility creates a backup of the nominated Sage 200 company and restores it into a test company. Allows end users easy access to an up to date test environment
  • Installed as a Sage 200 menu option
  • Quick and easy to use.

Want to add functionality to Sage 200cloud?

If you are looking to enhance the functionality of Sage 200cloud, and interested in learning more about the Acuity add-ons - Get in touch.

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