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As of today, December 1st 2022, we have an important announcement to make at Acuity Solutions.


What’s happening?

Following a period of consultation and discussion between Acuity Solutions and Pinnacle, both parties have agreed to acquire each-others respective Sage 200 and Sage X3 customers. This strategic decision was based on the key strengths of each Sage Partner, whereby we (Acuity) will be acquiring the Sage X3 clients of Pinnacle, and Pinnacle will acquire Acuity’s Sage 200 clients.

Why is this happening?

website image lee n pinnacle e1669884746527The owners and leadership teams of both partners came to the agreement that our respective customers would benefit greatly from the acquisitions due to the strategic direction of each of our businesses.

This news will only affect our Sage 200 clients. In addition, Acuity’s Sage 200 team will also be transferring to Pinnacle, a move we considered in detail.

Why? Both Sage partners have greater expertise and a stronger strategic focus on, and knowledge of different Sage products. Pinnacle is a long-standing Sage Partner and current Sage Partner of the Year for Sage 200 with vast amounts of Sage 200 knowledge, and an experienced team who will be better equipped to support our departing Sage 200 clients going forward. Whereas, Acuity has been a leading provider of Sage X3 for many years, with a growing customer base, and a large team of experienced and knowledgeable consultants, developers and support.

So, from the beginning of December Acuity’s strategic focus will be invested into building on our leading Sage X3 UK partner status, along-side growing our Sage Intacct business.

The acquistition of Pinnacle’s Sage X3 customer base is a positive move for us, and our commitment to providing Sage X3. In addition to welcoming the Pinnacle Sage X3 customers, we will also be welcoming their Sage X3 team; including consultants, developers, support, and Sales. This means our Sage X3 team will also be the largest here in the UK.

What does this mean for customers?

As mentioned, the talented and knowledgeable product teams from each company will also be moving– ensuring the continuation of optimum service and support levels for both sets of clients.

So, for both sets of customers, you will retain contact with the support personnel you already have – with the main change being the company that your support fee is paid to.

This means the Acuity Solutions Sage X3 team and Pinnacle’s Sage 200 team can both benefit from gaining the support of a larger, more experienced team and be better equipped and skilled to support customers.

This not only provides the teams with a greater ability to respond faster to queries and provide you with exceptional support – it will also lead to more progression and development opportunities for them on a personal level.

Is any action required?

Not on the customer’s part, however those moving customers will be contacted directly by their new partner and respective Account Managers to ensure a smooth transition and a warm welcome in due course.

Acuity Solutions will be reaching out to our new Sage X3 clients soon, along with organising a customer day for all customers in early 2023, offering the opportunity to meet more of the Acuity team. This is with the aim of sharing our strategic approach and to help us understand how we can best support you in achieving your business goals.

Additional Information

If you are a Sage X3 customer switching to Acuity Solutions, you can simply continue to use your existing instance of Sage X3 and maintain the same point of contact for support.

We are doing our best to ensure the transition process is smooth and as seamless as possible, so customers should not be aware of any impact.

However, please rest assured if any challenges do arise, they will be swiftly and professionally handled – and the same goes for any questions customers may want to ask.

We look forward to welcoming our new Sage X3 customers onboard and will, as always, strive to deliver the outstanding service and support at every opportunity.



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