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 …and reduce your reliance on Spreadsheets.

As a decision maker, you’ve got to weigh up the pros and cons and decide on a trustworthy, winning solution to lead your business to growth and success.

When it comes to managing your finance systems, we get it, you want a system you can trust, that’s reliable and familiar (with no hidden surprises ready to throw a spanner in the works). But, is what you know always the best option? Continue reading to find out how you can automate you finances…

Could it be time to automate your finances with Sage Intacct?

Let’s talk about spreadsheets, shall we? We all know and (mostly) love them; they’re familiar to use, help us keep track of our data and heck, even do the maths for you with formulas. Why would we not love a spreadsheet?

automate your finances

Spreadsheets are without doubt powerful tools but can be time-wasters, or let you down when you need them the most – definitely not what you want from your finance management system.

Deciding to automate finances with Sage Intacct can allow you to reduce your reliance on spreadsheets and eliminate issues such as you or your finance team spending hours, or even days, creating reports using manual processes.

Users of systems like QuickBooks tend to find the limited filtering leaves them exporting tons of data into spreadsheets for analysis, a time-consuming and error-prone process that could be revolutionised through an automated finance system.

Upgrade from QuickBooks to Intacct

Could it be time to upgrade from QuickBooks?

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Should you Automate Finance Systems in your Business?

To decide if the time is right for a new way of working and whether to automate your finances now, ask yourself these questions:

  • Would access to real-time financial data benefit your decision-making ability? (Accessible on any device, anytime with simply an internet connection)
  • Do you find once the financial information you need has been exported and analysed, it’s already out of date?
  • Are your finance team receiving an increase in requests for financial reports and struggling to keep up?
  • Have you fallen foul of broken formulas or data corruption?

If you answered yes to any of the above, automating your finance system and reducing your reliance on spreadsheets could be the way forward.

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Automate Finance Systems and watch your Business Grow

Once they’ve taken the plunge to implement fully cloud based Sage Intacct, companies have experienced remarkable growth and improved efficiency within the business, with an average payback time of 4-6 months on their investment.

Choosing Sage Intacct to automate your finances can see reductions in month end close time of around 79% on average.

Achieve growth with Sage Intacct

Other benefits of implementing Sage Intacct for finance system automation our customers report include:

  • Reduced time spent consolidating data into reports (by 50%)
  • More time spent analysing data (and less time obtaining/collating it!)
  • Being able to make faster, beneficial decisions based on real-time data access.
  • A smoother workflow across the business due to Sage Intacct integrating with existing applications.
  • Business growth of 40% aided by the automation of previously manual tasks and processes.
  • Increased productivity in the workforce thanks to customisable dashboards and reporting giving the right people the information needed at any given time.

Why choose us?

At Acuity Solutions , we believe in working together with our customers and in supporting you in achieving your unique business goals and overcoming challenges. 

We benefit from both years of experience in Sage products and specific experience in Sage Intacct implementation (the only UK Sage Partner offering fixed prices). 

Want to learn more about Sage Intacct, and how you could harness the power of cloud accounting in your business?

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