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…and reduce your reliance on spreadsheets.

As I sat down to begin this article, thinking about all things ‘automatic’ led me right back to my 80’s pop loving era – namely dancing around my bedroom enthusiastically to songs like Automatic by The Pointer Sisters. Before your time? Before we delve into why you should automate your purchasing system with Sage Intacct, give it a watch (trust me, it’s worth it just for the purple puff-sleeved dress)… 

Anyway, I digress. Getting back to the original plan, we’re here to talk about whether an automated PO system could benefit your business.  

Now, if you’re 100% happy with the purchasing system your business is using, this might not be the article for you. But, if procurement has your head-in-your-hands thinking there’s ‘no way to control it’ and you’re wishing you could relieve the pressure and say, “it’s much easier now; ‘it’s totally automatic’” being able to automate your procurement system is a dream come true.  

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Why should I switch to an automated PO System?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you struggling to maintain spending control across the business?  
  • Are you spending increasing amounts of time and energy checking and processing purchase order requests from various departments? 
  • Is your current procurement system causing delayed order fulfilment by your suppliers?   

If you answered yes to any of the above, an Automated Purchasing System like Sage Intacct could be what you’re in need of… 


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Automate your Purchasing System with Sage Intacct

The Sage Intacct Purchasing module can be used to streamline purchasing by creating structured, predefined transactions and automatic approvals, creating a much more nimble approach to purchasing across the business. 

With in-built customisable reporting and useful dashboards, Sage Intacct enables you to easily;  

  • Monitor real-time budget vs actuals. 
  • Set up permission-based reporting and dashboards, relevant to specific roles and responsibilities. 
  • Analyse costs. 
  • Have complete visibility into your purchase order and payment cycle. 
View the Sage Intacct Purchasing Data Sheet

What are the benefits of an Automated Purchasing System?

Purchasing automation can save hours of time previously spent on purchase requisitions, purchase orders and approvals. Imagine a purchasing software that can automate supplier payments and eliminate manual errors, sound useful? 

For example, let’s say there’s a promotional event next week, and Sarah from Marketing has forgotten to order the point-of-sale merch she meant to submit a PO for two weeks ago (maybe she was distracted watching 80s pop on YouTube?).

She might still have a chance of saving her behind, as she can quickly use the prebuilt template to submit the PO, which will be automatically approved based on the pre-determined criteria. The result? A streamlined, faster executed procurement system from start to finish (and welcomed stress relief for Sarah). 

Sage Intacct integrates with hundreds of other systems such as your Salesforce CRM  system and connects with Sage Intacct Accounts Payable, Cash Management and Inventory Management – meaning data only needs to be input once plus you can attach files using drag-and-drop simplicity for easier record-keeping.  

Save time and improve efficiency with Sage Intacct Purchasing

Making the decision to automate your purchasing system eliminates manual errors and frees up time that could be put to better use on other tasks. 

Empowering the workforce with information relevant to them, that’s accessible anytime on any device encourages better decision making, collaboration and a smoother workflow.  

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Automating your purchasing system allows you to create standardised processes and strengthen your internal controls. With Sage Intacct you gain deeper real-time visibility, better control and flexibility within your procurement system, automating workflow processes including: 

  • Requisitions 
  • Quotes 
  • Receivers 
  • Returns 
  • Adjustments  
  • Economic order quantities 

 If you’re ready to take control of your procurement and look into purchasing automation, get in touch and see how Acuity can help.

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Why Choose Acuity Solutions?

At Acuity Solutions, we believe success is best achieved by working together with our customers, getting to understand your unique needs and challenges that we can help you overcome. 

We have extensive experience in Sage products and specific experience in Sage Intacct implementation across a wide range of industries, to see how we can help you fill in the form below and we’ll get in touch for a chat. 

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