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5 Reasons to move to Sage Live!

BY Vanessa Reid |

23rd May 2017 |

Salesforce, Sage Live

Following our recent blogs; Sage Live...back in the kitchen! and An interview with our CEO and COO on Sage Live, Salesforce and Kimble, I wanted to write a blog explaining the 5 top reasons to move to Sage Live.

Sage Live is a revolutionary product in the financial systems world that removes the barriers between front and back office. Built on the Salesforce platform allowing for one version of the truth from sales and financial data in real-time. 



1. Built on the Salesforce Platform

Sage Live is a complete business and accounting solution built on the market leading Salesforce cloud platform which brings your CRM, accounting and financial data together. This allows for a smooth integration between your front and back end systems. As well as this, you have access to thousands of Salesforce-enabled apps and can use the chatter function on Salesforce to discuss and document journal entries. There is not a more flexible way to stay connected to what's really happening across your financials, sales and admin.

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2. Make Real-time Decisions Fast 

The real-time insight provided from Sage Live helps to back up decision making. Dashboards are available at the touch of a button on both the app and desktop which gives you the opportunity to make real-time decisions on the go from anywhere at any time. Sage Live gives you visuals of your business performance over time, allowing you to focus on what works, see highlighted priority accounts and opportunities.

Collaborating with decision makers (who are rarely in the same place at the same time) can be a real challenge. Sage Live helps to solve this issue because you can access and edit data, enter and track invoices, manage income, approve expenses and chat with colleagues - all in real time, from any connected device.




3. Eliminate Manual Processing

With Sage Live, you can work smarter and more efficiently by automating your manual processes where you can transform static general ledgers into dynamic financials. Sage Live allows you to focus on high value productivity and not mundane tasks. It is easy to analyse and extract data from multiple systems into customisable dashboards and scoreboards. It allows your company to be free from mundane data entry tasks like entering expense reports and reconciling bank accounts so they can focus on higher-value deliverables.

4. One Unified, Single View of Business

You can share business newsfeeds and other essential updates through the Salesforce Chatter feeds. The whole company can stay connected with alerts and notifications. Data is available on many devices. Because business results are typically spread across disparate apps and systems, many managers struggle to quickly locate the information they need in the moments that matter. That’s why Sage Live provides real-time, anytime intelligence. No waiting, no fuss, and no error-filled reports. You are able to get the essential truth to see actual and projected results. Access your sales, finance, CRM and operational data in one cloud hub, whether you’re at the office or on the move. There are reduced delays and errors by removing disconnected data with a one-office approach.

5. Accessible Anywhere

People are constantly on the move, with Sage Live your data will move with you. Any information you need will be easily accessible on your devices whenever you need it. You can track metrics quickly through your dashboard on your mobile.

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