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A company divided in opposition but together stronger

Tomorrow morning England play South Africa in the Rugby World Cup final in Japan, for the team at Acuity this brings a new level engagement with our colleagues in South Africa. 

RWC final

The passion with both teams to deliver to our customers remains the key objective, the conversations on Monday we know one set of fans will be less happy than the others, yet the camaraderie, focus and a little banter will continue.

It's already started via internal communication channels, i am fairly sure we will all be vocal on social tomorrow, but following the ethos of rugby there will be pleasantry and friendships cemented by the outcome. 

Having watch the spirit of the competition unfold in Japan, and the global reaction, its enthusing to see how Sport can bring people together, much like the challenges of balancing culture and delivery from two locations, but with two fantastics teams and leadership building towards the Acuity Vision of Customer Success, all will end well. 

80 minutes; 15 vs 15 – may the best team win..

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