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Account Management Update

BY Pam Raiyat |

07th September 2016 |

Account Management

As the Acuity Account Management Team, we believe that there are four pillars that create successful, meaningful and trusted relationship between our customers and our business . These are: Communication; Expertise; Activity, and Product.

Communication: Is key to maintaining and retaining close relationships with customers. In turn, this allows them to feel comfortable to contact us with any issues they are facing. In order to provide the best possible care for our customers, we need to identify solutions for any problems internal and external and communicate in transparent manners with these.

Activity: In order to communicate successfully and meet our customers’ needs we follow a simple process: first thing Monday we have a team catch up to review plans and any challenges, phone calls, emails, meetings, and also reaching out through our social media outlets. We try to meet with customers as often as possible. Not only does this put a face to the name, but it helps build a deeper relationship and understanding between both parties.

Expertise: Technology is constantly changing and evolving, and therefore creates a need for regular sessions to highlight grey areas which need to be enlightened with key information on what has changed and how this affects our customer base. The result in obtaining up to date information means that we can provide the relevant and, most importantly, correct information and answer any queries raised by customers as fully as possible.

Products:  We are constantly reviewing our solutions portfolio to ensure that we can provide best of breed technology  to suit your business landscape. Within the Account Management Team we like to take the time to acknowledge, understand and relay new products. This may include introducing new products to you if we consider they could add value to your business.

In short, we are here to look after our customers.

The ways we do this are: ensuring consistent, meaningful communication. Ensuring that our expertise is on point to give the right advice. Striving for a high standard of activity between the team and customers; and ensuring we have a wide range of products (but the RIGHT products to provide to all our customers.)

All in all, we ensure that we provide our customers with the best possible service and aftercare they deserve!

Delighted to Introduce the Acuity Account Mangagement Team Tom CoyneCloudia HardingPam Raiyat and Alan Gonsalves, you can contact the team here