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Acuity Customer Day! #vision2020

After much preparation and anticipation Acuity’s Customer Day 2019 was an absolute success! If you missed out on our Customer Day, then read below to see all the highlights and photos of what we got up to with our customers at the London Stadium last week!

We were fortunate enough to be hosted by Ash Sharma, CFO of the London Stadium and one of our longstanding Sage X3 customers. This incredible location instantly set the scene for the day ahead, of course only after Acuity had rebranded the entire stadium!

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The day kicked off with engaging keynotes from our CMO, Marcus Leathwood, our CEO, Lee Whelan, and Ash Sharma, CFO of the London Stadium. This was followed by the charity Acuity support, PiP - Pursuing Independent Paths,  who presented the amazing work they do for young adults with learning disabilities and made fruit juice for our customers as part of their Fruitful scheme! To finish the opening session, we had guest speakers from Sage UK with Debbie Wall discussing Sage Foundation and Nick Goode talking about Sage X3 and the recently launched Sage Intacct, both products in the Acuity portfolio!


Our customer base was then divided up into Sage 200, Sage Intacct, and Sage X3 product tracks. Each individual product track was specifically designed to show our customers how to get the most of their finance systems, with helpful ‘New Features’ sessions from Sage UK product experts Jonathan Denton and Becky Smith!

Acuity’s very own Pre-sales and Solutions Consultant, Andy Saltmer, led our Sage Intacct product track, demonstrating the features of the renowned but brand new solution in the Sage UK portfolio. 


We were also joined by 3rd party solutions providers from the ISV partner Eco-System on the day. Our Sage 200 product track featured detailed and fascinating presentations from Draycir, Codis, and Panintelligence, whilst our Sage X3 customer base were able to network and have in-depth discussions with our other ISVs, V1, Prophix, Netalogue, and Certify.

For our Sage X3 afternoon session our #HumansOfAcuity Sage X3 Team, Carolina, Sergio, Mark & Paul took centre stage and demonstrated the powerful reporting and output capabilities of Sage X3. Meanwhile in our Sage 200 product track the spotlight was placed on our existing customer base, with a customer roundtable session led by Acuity’s experienced Head of Support, Franco Mosca. We wanted to create an opportunity for customers to compare and advise each other on how they get the most out of their Sage ERP systems!

Once our afternoon sessions were wrapped up, we ended our Customer Day with closing keynotes from our CEO, Lee Whelan, on Acuity’s future roadmap and Sage’s Global Partner Leader, Dewey Forrester, who kindly took time out of his packed schedule to speak to our customers!

Finally, as a huge thank you to our customers for attending the customer day we offered a tour of the London Stadium and a drinks reception, which for many (particularly West Ham fans) was a key highlight of the day! Our customer base and Acuity team were guided round by London Stadium experts and were able to have a ‘behind the scenes’ experience of the stadium, including racing our customers on the same practice track as Usain Bolt did for the 2012 Olympics!

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Freya Whitmore
Freya Whitmore

Freya Whitmore at Acuity Solutions