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Authorisations Portal for Sage X3

BY Mark Cohen |

05th May 2020 |

Even before lockdown began, our development team had been working hard on ways to help our customers and provide them with improvements in areas that are either not very easy to use or time consuming.

From a Sage X3 perspective, one of these areas was approvals and so I am pleased to announce the launch of our Approval Portal for Sage X3.

Sage X3 has a very strong workflow engine that enables businesses to configure complex workflow rules and apply them to approvals or signature management. However, the approval process itself has not always been as user friendly as some businesses would require. There can be many clicks involved and a balance between not making the screens too complex but still showing all the necessary information needed for an approver to make a decision.

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The portal we have created takes advantage of the X3 workflow engine and offers a simple and clear view of what a user needs to approve with an appearance that is very intuitive. Non X3 users can also use and understand the system without ever needing to log in to X3.

It can be used for the common purchase transactions such as requisitions, orders or invoices, but because it uses the standard workflow engine, it can also be used in all other areas of the X3 including sales transactions, customers, suppliers, product records or even GL journals.

We wanted the portal to be able to be easily setup on top of existing approval workflows as well as have workflows configured to suit using standard X3 functionality. We were also focused on providing a mobile capability without the need for any additional functionality. This will let users approve items, wherever they are, whilst still seeing all details that aren’t always visible on an email for example.

We believe this will make signature processes much easier in this remote working situation we are currently in, and which we expect to become even more prevalent in the future as well.

For more information contact your Account Manager.