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Acuity take on the 3 peaks challenge with Sage Foundation! #humansofacuity

We mentioned that we’d be continuing to support PiP in 2020 at our Customer Day at the London Stadium last November so we’ve entered a Team into the Sage Foundation Three Peaks Challenge! We would love our Customers to help us reach our Fundraising Goal. Our CMO, Marcus, is planning a Summit Flag, and for Customers who donate £100 + we will add your Logo to the Flag and tag you pre-event Blog and Social Media during the event (if you will allow us too?)” If you are interested, please speak to your Account Manager to discuss or contact us here.
Below is an interview with Sage Foundation and our CMO, Marcus, who discussed why it’s a win-win for Acuity to be getting in on the volunteer and fundraising action with Sage Foundation.

 Q: How long have you been working with the Sage Foundation team? 

Marcus: Our first engagement with Sage Foundation was at Sage Summit London in April 2017. Acuity were one of three Sage Business partners that supported the Big Give Live.

Q: What have your Sage Foundation volunteering highlights been in the past year and why? 

Marcus: The Acuity leadership team all participated in the Dubai 5km fun run at the Sage Partner Summit – it was a fun way of bringing our people together! We also participated in Big Day Out at the Girl Guide Site, supported the London Poppy Appeal and fundraised £10k for local charity PiP (Pursing Independent Paths) as part of our Customer Day in London Stadium with the support of the ISV community..

Q: How has working with Sage Foundation changed your relationship with Sage?

Marcus: It’s initiated another topic of conversation that isn’t about product, performance or deals. Working with Sage Foundation also allows the team at Acuity to meet a broader range of Sage employees, which is fantastic as it allows a deeper understanding of what the Sage partner community actually do.

Q: Do you include your team members in these volunteer activations and what has this done for the morale and culture at Acuity?

Marcus: Currently there are over 10 members of the Acuity team involved in Sage Foundation events and we aim to broaden this in 2020. As a result of the partnership with Sage, Acuity have launched an internal initiative where every employee is offered  2 days to go out and volunteer.

Q: What does the future look like for Acuity and Sage Foundation?

Marcus: Bright! In 2020 we have plans to enter an Acuity team in the UK Three Peaks Challenge on the 17-20 June. We’ll be climbing the three highest peaks in the England, Scotland and Wales in just 30 hours to raise money for charities that are closest to our hearts.

Q: Why is Acuity getting involved in the Sage Foundation Three Peaks Challenge?

Marcus: When reviewing the 2020 Sage Foundation events calendar for partners, the Three Peaks Challenge really stood out to our CEO, Lee Whelan, as a long-term bucket list item, so the decision was made!  Our team have mixed capabilities but they’re all enthusiastic and really looking forward to the comradery, team building and fundraising challenge an opportunity like this creates.

Q: What are your top training tips for anyone doing the Sage Foundation Three Peaks Challenge on 17-20 June?

Marcus: I love being outdoors whatever the activity. I walk on average 12km per day whilst in London and mountain bike 20+ miles most weekends in the Surrey Hills and squeeze in a run whenever possible. For those mountaineers with a spirit of adventure, these are my top tips…

Tip # 1. Buy Boots now, wear them in and get used to them.

Tip # 2. Experience walking up and down hills, no matter how big or small get used to descending. Coming down the mountain is often more difficult than going up!

Tip # 3. Be prepared for all weather conditions when in the mountains.

If you would like to sponsor the Acuity team to take on the 3 peaks challenge with Sage Foundation, please donate through our Just Giving page below.