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Acuity will be attending Sage Summit 2017!

BY Marcus Leathwood |

26th March 2017 |

Sage summit, Sage

So in a week and a half I don't need to leave the country as Sage Summit will be held in my backyard at London Excel... in July last year I visited Chicago for 4 days. However, this year, you only need to travel across town to London Excel to attend an event focused specifically for StartUp, ScaleUp, Entrepreneurs and even Enterprise businesses. 

Sage summit chicago.jpg

Last year, we had the pleasure to meet Stephen Kelly, Sage CEO pre-registration. Photo above includes Myself (Acuity CMO), Stephen Kelly, Lee Whelan (Acuity CEO) and Steve Fuller (Acuity COO).

And guess what I can give you a free ticket.. shameful right? but as a Business Partner who offers the full in fact unique portfolio for Sage Solutions globally.

I would love it if you could come along, it's going to be a blast...great memories from last summer.. Keynotes that truly rocked last July and London is looking equally as inspiring.

Martha Lane Fox, Jamal Edwards, Deborah Meadan, Sahar Hashemi and Kelly Hoppen (that's a combined social Twitter audience on my calculation of approx. 750,000), add my good friends from Sage Alan Laing, Jennifer Warawa and Nick Goode and I (including @Acuity_Sage), we get close to 1 million as well as all the other great sponsors, partners and accountants attending.

Now that really is quite some celebration of Tech and Inspiration for StartUp, ScaleUp & Enterprise all in London... yes the city I stroll around meeting customers, partners and prospects a minimum of 2 days a week.

So will you join us?

The Link for Free registration is here

My simple advice on event attendance:

  • Set yourself some goals on what you would like to achieve from the day,
  • Commit to sharing these learnings with your peers both internally but also in the public domain,
  • Build your schedule and stick to it,
  • Set your sights on specific sessions and people you'd like to engage with,
  • Get networking; both in person, but also on your chosen social networks.