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Are you driving a Smart car when you need a minibus?

As families grow there is a clear difference in the cars that are parked on their drives. Noticed since little Jimmy’s arrival next door that SLK has been switched for Range Rover? This is down to pure logistics, 2 seats for a 3 person family just isn’t going to work. This is a similar situation to what businesses find with basic finance systems as they experience business growth.


Drivers for change
I have recently been speaking to a customer who recently made the switch from Sage 50 to one of the many Sage ERP Solutions available; in this case Sage 200 online.

They had found themselves in the same situation as that family next door. They had experienced business growth of 40% in the last 2 years and their current systems had started to come under too much pressure from the increased transactions. In comparative terms they had attached the baby seat to the roof of the SLK and wondered why their customers were annoyed at them.

The large increase of data and transactions had caused the systems to significantly reduce efficiency and user speed. It had also caused data corruption within the system as the database could no longer cope with the amount of data it was being asked to hold. This was costing them money every time they had to send the data to be fixed, with no guarantee that it would be fixed. Orders were lost, customers were annoyed and the business reputation started to suffer due to the inefficiencies caused by their systems.

Many companies like to stay with what they know and try to sweep issues under the carpet and hope they go away. But situations change, companies grow and technology improves. Business processes have to change to adapt to the different ways of the world. Imagine an IT company who refused to use emails. Would anybody take them seriously?

Proactivity is regarded as a much better solution than reactivity, the warning signs will be there, just like with little Jimmy’s arrival next door. If you’ve spotted some early signs which have been highlighted in our earlier blog “15 signs you’ve hit the limitations of Sage 50” then we’re here to help.

Let us navigate you to success
At Acuity we have been designated as a Sage 50 migration centre. We have expertise in moving companies from Sage 50 onto our entire unique Sage ERP Solutions product portfolio. We will work with you to establish your exact needs and adapt our solutions to meet your unique requirements.

For more information how we can create a partnership to help you build your business in a direction that doesn’t leave you walking to the Mother-in-laws because little Jimmy now has your seat in the SLK contact one of our business development team:

Call us for a brief informal chat or to discuss your requirements in more detail on 01932 237 110 or email

James Mitchell
Acuity Solutions

James Mitchell
James Mitchell

James Mitchell at Acuity Solutions