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Corbin Poorter joins the Acuity Team!

BY Vanessa Reid |

07th August 2019 |

Sage X3, Humans of Acuity

Here at Acuity, we are excited to announce that Corbin Poorter has recently joined the team as our Senior Sage X3 Developer. I wanted to take the opportunity to hear Corbin's views and visions for Acuity.

Q1 Why did you join Acuity?

'I saw the move as a personal growth opportunity as I would be working with a large team on a global scale with vast amounts of experience that I can learn from. Acuity is one of the most highly rated business partners with Sage so naturally it was an easy decision.'

Q2 What will you bring to Acuity?

'I have over 7 years experience with developing in Sage X3 and a passion for solving problems.  I am committed  and enjoy working in a team. Sage products are always changing so I like to to keep myself up to date with the latest technologies that may assist the team and I from a technical point of view.'

Q3 What attracted you to Acuity?

'Acuity has a reputation for teamwork and innovation and I'm excited to be part of that culture. I am also looking forward to working with customers from all corners of the globe!'

Q4 What are your first month objectives?

'I would like to get to know everyone on the team and understand the business processes and of course write some code and solve a few problems 😊'

Q5 What are you currently excited about in your new role?

'I am eager to learn the best practices the company values from a development point of view as well as learn from the other developers in the team.'

Q6 What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

'I like to keep active and have recently taken up surfing. I  also enjoy running which is more of a necessity because I have a highly energetic pooch that I have to take on runs otherwise her energy levels turn to objects (mainly shoes 😊 )  I also enjoy spending time with friends and family.'


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