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Coronavirus – Further Considerations for our Sage 200 Customers

Following our COVID-19 Contingency Arrangements blog posted yesterday, we understand that many of our customers will be considering or adjusting to working from home and wanted to provide tips & support to ensure this goes smoothly.

Home Working due to Coronavirus

With the government daily reviewing the situation around Coronavirus and advice constantly changing we are sure you are all concerned about the impact on your businesses and facing decisions about your staff, where possible, working from home.

We at Acuity are mindful of this and wish to assure you that we are willing, able and standing by to assist you in any way we can to help with any temporary arrangements you may have to make. We are sure that those businesses with in house IT departments and those with contracts in place have arrangements in hand but for anyone else, and indeed those mentioned, we are happy to give advice.

Sage 200 Online

If you are operating Sage 200 On-Line this is internet based and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection using a computer with the client installed – if you have a computer at home without Sage we can advise on installing the client or other associated programmes such as Spindle.

Hosted Sage 200

If your sage 200 system is hosted outside your organisation you should be able to connect from anywhere with an internet connection using a suitable PC or Laptop if you are unsure of how to set the connection up or other associated programmes such as Spindle please contact your IT Department or Contractor – If they are unsure please ask them to contact us.

Operating via Remote Desktop or Citrix

Some businesses will already be operating Sage over Remote Desktop (RDP) or Citrix in this case your IT Dept or Contractor should advise on what to do to operate from outside your usual place of work. Again if they need advice we are here.

On Premise Server

If your sage 200 system is located in your office and you have the client installed on your computer/laptop you will not be able to connect to sage from home without a VPN connection to your network, and even if you do that you are likely to experience very slow operation. In this case you should speak to your IT Department or Contractor about the possibility of remotely accessing office computers from home via one of the proprietary remote control products available or some other means.

Users who may need Training to work from Home

If you have newer staff or staff who now need to use Sage 200 but may not be very familiar with it, Acuity can help with Remote Training via Webex.

Using a newer Version of Sage

Companies who have recently upgraded but not yet set up Bank Feeds or other New Features may decide this is a good time to put these in place.

Upgrading Sage 200

If you are on an older version you may need to upgrade to take advantage of remote working technology or to keep 3rd party add-ons running remotely.

Improving Sage 200 Reports

It may be prudent to review your Reporting set up and see if your Reporting view of your business gives your remote workers the info they need.

As stated above if you are faced with the situation of having to work from home and are unsure what to do please feel free to contact us for advice, but we would ask that each business appoint one person to do this rather than multiple people from one organisation.

If you have any queries at all, please don't hesitate to contact your Account Manager, email or contact us below. 

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