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CRM Fraiche – The New and Improved Sage CRM 7.3

2015 has seen complete revamps of Sage 200 and Sage 50. Both of which have resulted in Sage confirming their market leading qualities in the SMB market.

However, in an unusual oversight the revamp for Sage CRM has barely been noticed or promoted. Shocking in that it is the biggest change for many a year.

The USP that is integration with Sage ERP has been refined and improved upon whilst the new design puts the Palace of Versailles to shame whilst the ease of use makes draughts look like a complicated game. OK, perhaps that is a slight exaggeration! Regardless it’s worth reading on.


I’m going to keep things simple here and pick out the main changes for you:

Contemporary Theme

This has been available as an option in previous versions but now in 7.3 it is the default setting. With a huge amount of work having gone into understanding exactly how this should be set up to perfect usability and productivity.

A lot of flexibility is also available for customisation, both at an individual level and as an admin.

Find out more about the brand new Sage CRM 7.3

Business Accelerators & Management dashboards

There are two new management dashboards, the first the gives the CEO an overview of monthly sales trends, pipeline and won deals amongst much much more. The other is for managers. This covers leads generated, top open deals, deals lost and cross sell deals amongst many more.


Not only this but there are numerous new charts and reports, workflow enhancements, escalation rules, quick quotes and orders as well as merge to PDF and word options. All of which combine to make an extremely competitive product.


As someone that has used this tool before I am delighted with the addition. Integration is free and replaces the current SwiftPage option. Once a campaign is underway you can view recipients’ interaction with your emails and decide how to progress. Everything can be done in CRM.


Mobile Enhancements, lead deduplication and an enhanced text editor have also been added to 7.3

In conclusion

At this stage it should be clear that this CRM system is one that is operating in the higher echelons of the customer relationship management world. I’d personally recommend reading a little more into it. Maybe in time my comparison to the Palace of Versailles may seem a little less outrageous. Just maybe.



Michael Bulman

Sage enthusiast and Acuity advocate.