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La CRM de la CRM

Data moves through the world in numerous forms. In the most basic form data is all around us from the flora and the fauna to simple conversation. This information is passed on through word of mouth. Historically speaking this mass of data has passed down through generations, creating and building cultures.

Said data continuously transmogrifies, adapts, and is interpreted or misinterpreted. Improvements to the data are added over time and we have arrived in what is the most civilised society in our tumultuous history.

Speed has also taken on a new life, ‘Around the World in 80 Days’, whilst a great film was seen as outrageous in 1872. A few years later in 1969 the birth of Concorde allowed for this feat to be achieved in around 29 hours by BA.


The world has changed. Over the last few years companies have gone from incessant paper trails and basic computing to all-encompassing software; software that saves money and adds substantially to efficiency.

However the next step is to improve access, to be able to access your data wherever you are.

This is the point at which CRM steps in; a platform that is designed to run on any platform, adapting and positioning itself appropriately at every turn.

CRM is often overlooked by companies; it can to easily be seen as an addition that can be left out without any damage being done.

The issue with this is that invariably this decision is a cost based one, Not a value based decision.


As someone that uses Sage CRM I am not shy of waxing lyrical at times. The first thing I do when I get in the morning is to log onto CRM and discover what the plan for the coming day and week is.

My calls are all logged, my emails are linked to a particular opportunity, the actions and details connected to any contact are in the system. Only yesterday I made a call based on the details in the system from 2011. Having this information led to an enjoyable and informed conversation and I will call them back in June to go into more detail regarding upcoming opportunities.

 Find out more about the brand new Sage CRM 7.3

CRM or more specifically Customer Relationship Management is all about just that. It is allowing one to build strong working relationships on the back of organisation, clarity and efficiency.

Even more so with the latest edition, one where integration with Sage ERP is fluid and easy, allowing for on the move access to the history of invoices, product sales, credit notes and balance on an account amongst much more.

Sage solutions are about value. CRM is incredible value.



Michael Bulman

Sage enthusiast and Acuity advocate at Acuity Solutions