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Acuity's Customer Success! 

Here at Acuity we are focused on ensuring that we are delivering constant value to our customers – and, logically enough, our support team are at the forefront of that.


The team at the sharp end of day-to-day contact with customers provide an invaluable service to our Sage users and likewise a crucial source of knowledge of our organisation as a whole. It is where we derive our understanding of the real minute-by-minute needs and challenges for the business users we support – and therefore the basis of knowing what does actually constitute value to a customer.

Probably above all, they typify the fact that a prompt and knowledgeable response, along with accessibility and a methodical, communicative process, allows people to get on with the business of generating business for their organisation.

It provides reassurance and solves problems - minimising business interruption or disruption: In short, exactly what customers sign up for.

As a part of our process we send out support case closure questionnaires to continuously monitor the quality of our service delivery. Looking back at the last few some of the quotes have been hugely gratifying:

“Franco called me and was very patient in helping me solve the query.”

“I'm delighted to recommend Acuity to others, for the prompt help and professionalism.”

“Very fast response to a licensing issue.”

“I appreciate not only the amount of time but also the odd hours spent to resolve this issue. Thank you so much for your support.”

“Extremely satisfied.”

“Asked for a job and job done quickly and successfully. Can't ask for more.”

“The ‘planned database backup routine’ failed at 5:23pm, we called Acuity 10mins later and Franco took the call. He remoted in and stepped us through the recovery options until we found the right solution to fix the problem. Panic averted, and to the best of our knowledge no data lost either. Thank very much!”

“Very quick response and resolved query.”

In a rapidly evolving technology landscape it is important to remind ourselves that reliability and reassurance are key areas where business solutions providers can deliver real value to customers – by providing the right quality and type of support when and how it is needed. It is mostly reactive and often very unglamorous – but it is the basis of the trust our customers have in us.

An investment in a business solution is not just about a smooth implementation that meets expectations – but rather building the foundation for the customer to do what they do better, faster or more effectively. This is where the long-term relationship comes in and where we as a supplier can continue to deliver consistent value. We are proud of our Support team and across the entire Acuity business we acknowledge the huge influence they have on our ability to maintain long-term customer partnerships.

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Alan Gonsalves

Head of Account Management