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Finding out a little more about our Graduates!

Continuing our blog series on our new graduates, today, we will be finding out what they are excited about in their new roles. 

Grad blog 2

What are you excited about in your new role?

Abisha Rasanayakam 

 'I am looking forward to having daily contact with different businesses where I will be helping customers solve their problems, thus providing them an effective solution. Also, I am excited to learn more about Sage financials.'


Jean Paul Duah

'Much excited to start developing applications and solutions to help our clients better use their assets and infrastructure in today’s vastly dynamic online trading platforms.

One of my biggest career goals as an IT professional has always been to keep users of technology I support to stay ahead if not at the very least allow them to be able to be competitive in this exciting new era of trading.'


Nayeem Zaman

 'I am excited to be in a vibrant role where I will be getting exposed to both developing my skills in Sage Business Cloud Financials as well as interacting with clients. Acuity solutions really invest into their employees and I am excited to join this venture with them. This is a great time to join Acuity where they will grow and develop as a business quickly. Plus, this job will give me the opportunity to travel to different locations.'


Jude Baidoo

 'I have been developing my problem solving and communication skills through academia and my previous work experiences. My new role as an On-Demand consultant will help me to exercise and improve these skills.

Another thing that is important to me is not only do I get a chance to develop my skills using new products (Sage and Salesforce), I also get the chance to take responsibility early on in projects and work directly with clients. I am always motivated by being able to contribute to the success of a client’s business.

Being an On-Demand consultant will provide me with constant challenges and exposure to various industries. I am excited by this as it allows me to continue my professional development within a progressive organisation. Settling into the Acuity environment has been made easy as everyone within the company has been so approachable. I am looking forward to representing Acuity to the best of my abilities.'

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