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Helping out with Sage Foundation! #bigdayout

Last week, myself, Lee (CEO), Marcus (CMO) and Cloudia (Account Manager) took part in Sage Foundation's #bigdayout where we helped with the maintenance at a Girl Guide's site in Cobham. 



We were split into groups to focus on different tasks that needed to be completed throughout the day. The tasks included guttering, weeding, cleaning the pool, moving logs etc. My team got the lovely job of clearing the weeds (I decided it was too hot to wear long sleeves which looking back was not the best decision). 


We spent a few hours in the morning, working hard in our different groups (some of us were lucky to go to the crafts table and make key-rings to be sold in the Girl Guide shop) then had some lunch to then continue with our tasks in the afternoon. 

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Overall, it was a great day which was really well organised by Sage Foundation and where we hope we made a difference to the Girl Guide group. The Acuity Team will definitely be at the next Sage Foundation day! #humansofacuityfullsizeoutput_2b60


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