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Innovation at Acuity - Sign up to our next 14 Webinars

BY Michael Bulman |

17th June 2016 |


At the begining of July we will be launching a new program of weekly webinars for our customers and for anyone else that may be interested. 

This program will cover Sage 200, 300, X3 and even Excel so please do have a quick read through of the timetable below and make a note if you would like to attend.

In the week before each webinar I will send out an email with a link to the webinar and a summary of what it will entail to our customers. 

Click here to receive invites to the coming webinars

If you are not a customer then you are welcome to click on the above button and I will add you to the list for this program. 

Product Topic Date
Sage 200 How to save report criteria for recall 01/07/16
Sage 200 How to create custom filters in lists/exporting 08/07/16
Sage 300 The Sage 300 account code change 15/07/16
Sage 300 Introducing your Sage 300 financial reporter 22/07/16
Sage 200 How to create a report designer report 29/07/16
Sage 300 Enhanced Security - Create your own UI controls 05/08/16
Sage X3 Quick Start X3 CRM & Outlook sync (V6.5 & 7) 12/08/16
Sage X3 How to build a simple requester (V6.5 & 7) 19/08/16
Sage 200 How to customise document layouts 26/08/16
Sage X3 How to use the Excel export tool (V6.5 & 7) 02/09/16
Sage X3 Quick start on visual processes (V6.5 & 7) 09/09/16
Sage X3 Quick start on landing pages/dashboards (V6.5 & 7) 16/09/16
Excel Create an Excel dashboard using pivot tables 23/09/16
Sage X3 How to use access codes & roles (V6.5 & 7) 30/09/16

If you have any feedback or would like to suggest another webinar that you feel may be beneficial to yourself and/or the rest of our Sage customers please do feel free to drop me a line. 


Michael Bulman

Sage enthusiast and Acuity advocate.