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Introducing Andrew Williams, Our Senior On-Demand Developer!

Today, we will be introducing our Senior On-Demand Developer. Please see below our interview with Andrew Williams.

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Q1 When did you join Acuity?

'I think officially I joined in 2010 with the merger of Sabis Consulting Limited.'

Q2 What is your role & key responsibilities?

'My main role is to provide user intuitive, integrated end to end solutions where ‘out the box’ doesn’t meet the customers’ needs. Often this involves seamless streamlining of time-intensive and repetitive tasks for our customers financial and operational areas.  Developing vertical applications and solutions for our on-demand team starting with the Salesforce platform and integrations with other API's moving on to other platforms as the team expands to other platforms.'

Q3 In your opinion, what make’s Acuity different?

'Acuity has a strong and hands on leadership. Enabling teams to effectively deliver solid solutions to businesses powered by Sage.'

Q4 What are your key goals each month?

'Each month my key goals are to ensure that projects are designed, coded and delivered on time and on budget.'

Q5 What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

'Outside of work I am a geek gone rogue, anything from skating to metal work, to cosplaying at comic-cons. With a young child (and my own inner child), I am always looking for different ways to keep us in mischiefs way.'

Look out for our next blog in our Humans of Acuity series where we will be talking to Our Project Coordinator,

Denise Alessi.

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