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Introducing Karan Nayee, Our Customer Success Manager!

Today, we will be introducing our Customer Success Manager. Please see below our interview with Karan Nayee.


Q1. When did you join Acuity?

'I joined Acuity straight out of university I actually had my interview on the day of my graduation and started the week after. A friend of mine recommended the opportunity to me and I thought it was something that I couldn’t pass up. Since then I have enjoyed everyday at Acuity and with it all the challenges that have come my way.'

Q2. What is your role & key responsibilities?

'My Role at Acuity is Customer Success Manager, this includes various responsibilities as it included seeing projects all the way through from our initial scoping to go live and support. My main responsibilities are being the main contact point between customers and Acuity’s project team and resolving any issues at hand whether that be on the Sage live side of things or on the salesforce platform.'

Q3. In your opinion, what makes Acuity different?

'Acuity set its self apart by having an amazing diverse group of employees. As a result of this the ideas that come from Acuity are excellent and innovative. As we have experts in each area of work that we touch. You can easily get in touch with anyone from the business and soon be working on something amazing.'

Q4. What are your key goals each month?

'Working as a customer success manager, my key goals each month are to ensure that projects are delivered in time and without any issues. Ensuring that our customers are happy throughout their journey with Acuity and resolving any issues with the project from the beginning will past go live.'

Q5. What do you enjoying doing outside of work?

'Most of time outside of work you would probably see me outside somewhere, I am keen runner having completed my first marathon last year and going for me second this year. As well as training for my first Triathlon later this year. This takes up most of my time and then if I’m not training I am making up the calorie deficit from all the training and that will come from one of two ways going out to eat or going out to drink.'

Look out for our next blog in our Humans of Acuity series where we will be talking to our new Chief Product Manager, Mark Cohen.

If you are interested in joining the Acuity Team, please give us a call on 01932 237110 or email