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Introducing our Account Manager, Cloudia Harding!

Today, we will be introducing our Account Manager. Please see below our interview with Cloudia Harding.


 Q1. When did you join Acuity?

 'I joined Acuity in April 2014 through the first graduate programme.'

 Q2. What is your role & key responsibilities?

'I am part of the Account Management team and am responsible for a number of customers across our Sage product portfolio.

Part of my role is to work with our customers to ensure they have the processes and systems in place to support their businesses future. I work alongside both the customer and all the teams at Acuity, to pull together all the knowledge within the team and provide support and guidance to our customers.'

Q3. In your opinion, what make’s Acuity different?

 'The area that really makes Acuity stand out is its open mindedness and willingness to embrace change as new directions present themselves. In the ever changing world of software and technology, this allows our team to open up new avenues to our customers ahead of the curve. 

It is great to work with such a friendly group of people that will go the extra mile to help.'

Q4. What are your key goals each month?

'My monthly goals are to spend time with the customers I support, to build strong relationships, understand their successes and challenges and to help them in making the most out of the systems they utilise.' 

Q5. What do you enjoying doing outside of work?

 'In my spare time I enjoy letting my competitive side out on the Netball court.'

Look out for our next blog in our Humans of Acuity series where we will be talking to our Finance Executive, Tobias Whelan.

If you are interested in joining the Acuity Team, please give us a call on 01932 237110 or email