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Introducing our Graduates!

Here at Acuity, we have recently recruited 4 new graduates for our graduate programme. Over the upcoming weeks we will be finding out more about each of them and their experience at Acuity so far.

Today, we will be finding out a little bit our graduates and why they wanted to join Acuity. 

Introducing...Abisha Rasanayakam 



Q Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you joined Acuity?

'I studied Computer Science at the University of Hertfordshire and specialised in Software Engineering in my final year. I enjoy going to the gym, socialising with friends and family. I recently also have started learning Spanish in my free time using a mobile app called Duolingo. 

As a graduate I don’t have any hands-on experience regarding cloud-based technology. However because my degree was in technology, I am familiar with programming languages and the industry itself. I have worked as a customer service assistant at Boots, thus obtaining the communication skills I have developed.'

Jean Paul Duah


Q Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you joined Acuity?

'I’m Jean-Paul, studied Computer Science at the University of Kent as a result of having a great interest in IT systems and this age rapidly evolving technology. My first taste of this was implementing a music room booking systems at A-levels.

There was something so exciting about conversing with my Music teacher on the technical requirements and implementation needed to deliver a booking system which she would be able to easily use on her PC which would save her lots of time from the current paper booking process she was using.

From then on I knew where my passion lied and consequently decided to go into IT Consultancy as a career. Always enjoyed reading Articles on Bit Coin, Block chaining and I’m currently learning how to use Data Mining techniques; due to having being introduced to it in my last year of my University Course plus reading countless articles and TED talks on it. 

I’ve had a few years supporting IT users as a Software Analyst which has enabled me to solve issues associated with Point of Sale systems and leading Room Booking Software in the UK. These two years helped grow my passion for delivering effective training and technical solutions to clients facing shortfalls of IT.

The above are only a few reasons which led to me to apply for Acuity Solutions. Getting the opportunity to use leading technology much further up the System Life Cycle and one day hopefully I will create brand new solutions to meet needs that are not being met elsewhere on the market was hugely attractive.

Seeing that Acuity Solutions are currently achieving these solutions with tools such as Salesforce and Sage is greatly motivating, as I one day hope to inspire others to do so as well.'

Nayeem Zaman



Q Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you joined Acuity?

'I studied Chemical Engineering (Meng) at the University of Surrey. One of my past time hobbies is to dance. There was an opportunity where there was a dance competition called ‘Battle of Bollywood’ where my team and I performed at the O2 arena. We became runners up. Besides from dancing I enjoy travelling where I can explore and experience new things.

I joined Acuity because it will provide a clear career path that will begin with training and then develop into a qualified role through progression. I want to get involved in a dynamic working environment where I undertake new and stimulating tasks.'

Jude Baidoo



Q Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you joined Acuity?

'Having achieved a BEng degree in mechanical engineering, I particularly took an interest in team projects and using software systems to help solve engineering problems during my final year. As a result, I carried on with my studies and pursued an MSc degree in Engineering Business Management. My postgraduate degree allowed me to develop strategies and learn techniques intended to add value to a technology-based organisation such as Acuity. It also gave me great exposure to the influence of technology and the exciting possibilities which led to my growing interest.

I joined Acuity as it presented me with the best opportunity to expand my knowledge by experiencing all aspects of the company (sales, marketing, consulting and support). Additionally, I am valued as a graduate with the potential to help the organisation grow with new ideas.

Prior to joining Acuity, I had no experience in the IT industry, however I cultivated soft skills (organisation, customer service and communication) working in a variety of roles. These are skills I plan to utilise going forward as a consultant at Acuity.  

In my spare time I enjoy travelling and charity work. I have helped to establish a charitable reading club in Ghana for primary and secondary school kids to improve their literacy. I am also training for 10k runs to help raise money for MS research.'

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