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Introducing Tobias Whelan, Our Finance Executive!

Today, we will be introducing our Finance Executive. Please see below our interview with Tobias Whelan.



Q1. When did you join Acuity?

'I joined Acuity full-time in July 2017, although I have been around for several years part-time!'

Q2. What is your role & key responsibilities?

'I primarily work on credit control - maintaining a strong debtors position, ensuring that clients pay on time and that any queries dealt with, whilst also producing and analysing financial data.'

Q3. In your opinion, what make’s Acuity different?

'As many of us have mentioned already – emphasising this point - Acuity has a strong sense of community and that we are a ‘family’ (literally in my case!). This transcends to our customers who are made to feel cared for.'

Q4. What are your key goals each month?

'My goal each month is to ensure that our debtors position this month is better than the last, improving our cash flow over time.'

Q5. What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

'I am an avid golfer, having regularly competed at county level! I also enjoy playing basketball and football as well as reading around topics such as neuroscience, trading and AI in my spare time.'

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If you are interested in joining the Acuity Team, please give us a call on 01932 237110 or email