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Using PayPal or Stripe to take payments in your business? Learn how to integrate your payments with Sage 200cloud

BY Freya Whitmore |

23rd July 2020 |

Invoice Payments in Sage 200 allows you to email invoices to your customers with a ‘Pay Now’ button embedded in them.  When your customer clicks the button, they will be directed to a payment page where they can pay the invoices using either PayPal or Stripe. Payment providers Stripe and PayPal also allow you to accept credit and debit card payments online. 

Setting up invoice payments in Sage 200 therefore creates a payment process that is simple, quick, and efficient for your customers.

To process the invoice payments, there is an option to download and process, which will allocate the payment automatically against the invoice that it is paying off where any transaction charges are also recorded.  Equally there is an option to download and not allocate these. 

By automatically reconciling payments you can save hours of admin time usually dedicated to chasing payments, and instead free up time to focus on revenue-generating tasks for your business.

Screenshot 2020-07-23 at 14.05.43

Getting set up for Stripe and PayPal payments on Sage 200cloud

- Firstly, you need to ensure that the version of Sage 200cloud you are using is version Summer 2018 and above (this was released in September 2018). If you’re not sure what version of Sage 200 you are using, you can also ask your Acuity Account Manager to confirm this for you.

- You need to set up a Stripe or PayPal account directly with the vendor at and . There are different account types available so it’s best to decide which account is the most suitable, it may also help to speak to the vendor before selecting an account type.

A brief overview of next steps is shown below:

- Create a new Cashbook for your Stripe or PayPal account in Sage 200

- Add the relevant settings, please speak to your Acuity Account Manager for detailed guidance of the appropriate settings

- Set-up a new invoice layout with the “Pay Now” button

- Start taking customer payments via Stripe or PayPal

- Download and process received payments into Sage 200, it’s really that simple!

Screenshot 2020-07-23 at 14.16.21

If you’re interested in integrating your payments with Sage 200 please speak to your Acuity Account Manager for more info or contact us below. 

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