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15 signs you have hit the limitations of Sage 50

BY Debbie Boden |

19th November 2014 |

Sage 50 Limitations

In the struggle for survival, the fittest win out at the expense of their rivals because they succeed in adapting themselves best to their environment. Charles Darwin

This is a very powerful (and very apt) statement when we think about the continuous shift today’s modern business environment.

If you are an existing Sage 50 customer, we hope that your system is performing as well as it always has. However, in a difficult and ever-evolving business world, we expect you’re faced with new challenges every day. And, those challenges can lead to your business evolving in new ways – expanding into new markets or needing broader business insight, having to adapt business processes to keep up with the competition, the list is endless.

At Acuity we have spoken to many, many Sage 50 users over the years, and uncovered challenges and complaints from people who, as their business environments have changed and evolved, have needed to adapt with it in order to succeed.

In this article we uncover the top 15 signs you have hit the limitations of Sage 50, that customers are experiencing in 2014.

  1. You have an increase in transactions in the system
  2. Your are experiencing business growth
  3. You have increasingly complex business processes
  4. You need to execute more advanced management reporting and Business Intelligence
  5. You need to access data on the go
  6. You need better control over financial periods
  7. You need batch/serial number processing
  8. You need an integrated CRM functionality
  9. You need to cut down or eradicate high IT/Infrastructure costs
  10. You need to have more flexible payment options
  11. You need to consolidate disparate systems
  12. You are increasing your employee numbers
  13. You need to track stock in multiple warehouses
  14. You need advanced handling of foreign currency, tax and legislation
  15. You have an increased need for customisation of systems

Limitations of Sage 50

Considering what's next

Such demands of a growing business in terms of size and complexity mean your current Sage software may no longer be the most appropriate solution to handle your requirements.

Newer, market leading technologies are now available that have allowed Sage to apply their knowledge of financial and trading requirements to create the next generation accounts, trading and business wide software, ready to meet customers’ challenges for many years to come.

With Sage ERP Sofware you can:

-    Choose an online or on premise solution. 

-    Choose upfront or monthly payments.

-    Choose the modules you need to manage your business.   

-    Choose the options that are right for you.

Acuity are experts in guiding customers through the migration path of the range of Sage ERP software and are able to offer tailored business solutions from complex Sage 50 migration's to Sage 200, Sage 300 ERP and Sage ERP X3 – Sage’s top 3 premier ERP solutions. We are the only UK Business Partner able to offer this product range.

Sage 200 (now available online and on premise), Sage 300 and Sage ERP X3 are affordable, easy to deploy and simple to use. They are built on a solid, modern technology platforms, which will help to future proof your business and grow with you.

Join us for an exclusive upcoming webinar hosted by Sage and Acuity for a comparative overview of Sage's Top 3 Premier ERP Solutions delivered by Alan Gonsalves, a Sage 50 Migration specialist and find out which Sage product track and deployment method is best for you and your business.

We will be delving further into the Limitations of Sage 50 and providing advice and guidance on what to do next.

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