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New platform for development, technology focused

This year's Sage Enterprise Management Summit was marked by many new features, not just in terms of functionality but also in technology and framework.

The big buzzword was API. In an increasing cloud base world, it is no wonder that this is the way to go for a business solution. It is becoming increasingly important to integrate business applications in order to get the best process. It's an evolution, not a revolution.

Sage summit 1

There is no need to invent the wheel twice, and to allow the transport of Enterprise Management expertise Sage will provide a better API management platform, that allows the user and programmer to choose what they want to receive in the format and periodicity they want - adding context to the process and data.

The new platform stack is based on Open Source technologies at various levels, in which the following stand out:

  • Server: Node.JS, Docker
  • API: GraphQL
  • UI: ReactJS
  • Programming language: Typescript

Most of these technologies are leaders according to the latest Stack Overflow Developer Insight Report, which shows that Sage is aligned with the various trends and embracing change at speed.

But these technologies are not only used for integrating Sage Enterprise Management with other software. Every API can be consumed internally making all internal interaction between modules faster. An example demonstrated at the Summit was the Tax framework that allows a global framework with local tax definitions to be accessed by several Sage products - thus creating a more robust & abstract system, better tested and easy to upgrade. It's a new way of developing with a focus on future proof microservices.

But not all the changes were at the back-office level, Enterprise Management now has a new look and feel - Sage Design Language System - fully responsive and adaptable to any device. This change reflects customers' requests to want access to their data and applications on any device. The client can now start their day checking the reports on their phone, check the stock levels and deliveries on a tablet in the warehouse and approving documents on a laptop - using a single module that adapts the data content to the device, assuring usability and satisfaction to the user. Enterprise Management is now a more customer and user-centric software, where each user decides what they want to see and where they want to see it.

Desktop view

Sage summit 2

Mobile view

Sage summit 3

It's a new end-to-end experience, where the customer gains a platform where it is possible to develop rapidly at the same time as business processes are transformed. New architecture foundations, better user experience on the digitalisation and integration of the business processes.

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Sérgio Paulino
Sérgio Paulino

Sergio Paulino at Acuity Solutions