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Our Graduates to be certified in Sage Financials and Salesforce!

Continuing our blog series on our new graduates, today, we will be discussing what they have learnt so far at Acuity and what they believe their biggest challenges will be. The graduates were given an objective to become Sage Financials and Salesforce certified within their first 90 days. 

Q We have set the objective that you will be Salesforce and Sage Financials certified within the first 90 days, what do you perceive to be the biggest challenge and what have you learnt to date?

Abisha Rasanayakam 

Abisha trail 2

 'As I have no experience with Salesforce or Sage Financials, the biggest challenge for me is obtaining good fundamental skills which I can further develop. Moreover, managing time between both will be a challenge as they're just as demanding. It will be essential to divide my time equally; however, I may have to spend more time on areas I struggle with.

Alongside trailhead, I have been taking an accounting course which is also helping me to understand Sage financials a lot better. As I haven’t had any exposure to accounting and finance at university, this course is helping me understand the basics of it. However, one topic I am finding hard to grasp is credit and debit. Another challenge would be putting to use theoretical aspects I have learnt using trailhead into real life projects. This is because every project will be different with different functional requirements from the system itself.'

Jean Paul Duah

Jean Paul 2

'Learning Salesforce has been really good fun so far! Using the Trailhead learning platform, doing its ‘Challenges’ and Quizzes on there has greatly helped me to get used to the Salesforce platform and increased my willingness to solve problems.

Using the forum for the first time to look up an issue I was facing was amazingly helpful, which just goes to show the value of having an online-community there to support and advise when help is needed.

With regards to Sage Financials we managed to have a first-hand experience in creating a solution for a client.

This immersive and all-encompassing learning experience was further enhanced by creating a User Guide which I believe massively not only benefited our learning of the App but also the client.

It was encouraging to witness the integration of both Sage Financials and Salesforce working together to make something extremely practically useful to a Contracts and Invoicing schedule process, crucially, not just for Smart Focus but other companies looking to take on powerful accounting automation tools to innovate their business processes.'

Nayeem Zaman

Nayeem Trail 2

‘I would say the biggest challenge for me will be coming to grips with both the Salesforce and Sage Financials platform as both are very new software for me. There will be a lot of tools and terminology that will be new to me, but I am excited to learn and develop myself in these fields.

Currently, I am undergoing an accountancy course where I am covering the basic concepts of book keeping. This course will be helpful for me in the future when I begin to learn Sage Financials. I have also been using Trailhead to learn the Salesforce platform. ‘

Jude Baidoo

Jude Trail

 'Since joining the On-Demand team my first few weeks have comprised of learning about the software systems that I will be using as well as understanding the nature of ongoing projects and developing my commercial knowledge of Acuity. Although it has been a steep learning curve, it has had a positive impact on my education. Being equipped with resources such as Salesforce Trailhead, Sage University and accounting courses has allowed me to learn theory and put them to use with practical exercises. I have also had the opportunity to shadow my manager and attend meetings with clients which has helped to understand the importance of effective communication as a consultant. I am very fortunate to have highly-skilled managers and team members who take the time to help me towards my career aspirations.

The biggest challenge currently is absorbing the large amount of information in preparation for my accreditations of Sage Financials and Salesforce as these are systems that are continuously improving their functionality. However, it is a challenge I relish. Starting the Graduate Programmes with 3 other graduates has made the experience easier. Working together and sharing knowledge has been a huge factor in overcoming the challenges we have faced and will face going forward.'

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