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Our move to London!

Over the past few months we have been transitioning various elements of our business, including relocating part of the team into central London. 

Three main reasons for the move;

  • To be closer to many of our customer
  • To recruit and retain talented people 
  • Modernise the business with a flexible workspace

Earlier this week our new WeWork office on London's Southbank officially opened, so we dropped in after our Quarterly Leadership team meeting. 


Come September, the team will be located in our new office on the 12th floor, presently we are benefiting from the use of WeWork's other offices throughout London. 

The process hasn't been painless, I don't think any office move ever is, however to see the enthusiasm, collaboration and productivity increase in the team has been fantastic. 

So London based businesses and customers, we are now on your door step. 

Acuity support customers in over 45 countries on 5 continents in the selection, implementation and adoption of Sage Business Cloud solutions to drive growth, improve efficiency and allow our customers to reach their ambitions. 

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Marcus Leathwood
Marcus Leathwood

Marcus Leathwood at Acuity Solutions