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Pareto Sales Fundamentals Training

Although I would love to share all that I have learnt during my week with Pareto, I will discuss the elements of the course that I found most valuable to me for my new role at Acuity Solutions.

The Pareto Sales Fundamentals course covered the topics as follows:

Day 1: My client and I

Day 2: My Sales Approach

Day 3: Creating My Value Proposition

Day 4: Call Assessment

The Success Triangle covered on Day 1 is something that stood out to me and reaffirmed my belief that the attitude of a person is fundamentally what will make them a success or be an obstacle in the way of their achievements! So, it was no surprise that it was a factor of The Success Triangle however, 70%! - that was surprising. Without the right ‘can do’ , curious, humble and positive attitude it will prove difficult to acquire the level of skill and knowledge you desire.

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Lead Generation and Research Opportunity

It was interesting and useful to hear how my fellow peers on the course worked around generating leads and researching opportunities. It will prove to be useful adopting certain methods and combining them with the ones I currently use.

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Qualifying - Call Structure

I’m sure you have heard of the saying…

'First impressions are lasting impressions'

well to add to that, it has been estimated that you have between 4 and 14 seconds to create a positive first impression!

Although cold calling is not necessarily what I would be doing in my role; I found learning how to take a funnel approach, implement an IDEAL structure (Interest, Desire, Evaluate, Acknowledge, Lockdown) and utilise different techniques such as the Push vs Pull and Gatekeeper Resistance Questions helped me to feel more confident in approaching customers and dealing with objections.

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SISI Words: Save, Improve, Solve and Increase

SISI words are the words used when speaking to specific Decision Makers to capture their attention and interest. If the way in which we use words represents 38% of our total communication face-to-face, then it translates into 70% when communicating via telephone. It is therefore important that we concentrate on the key factors that influence the way our words are used. We looked at negative words and phrases and the positive alternatives.

For Someone who quite often uses passive and filler words, ‘The Pause Technique’ was a great alternative method to overcome this matter. The technique is self-explanatory- it is better to pause than use words like erm, just, basically, honestly and more. It may sound like common sense, but you would be surprised how often people use such words and find it difficult to let go of this bad habit.

I’m an Extrovert- don’t Panic!

Personally, I found identifying and discussing the characteristics of the different personality types very interesting and insightful. We are all individuals with our own personality traits. People like to buy from people they feel comfortable with and people feel comfortable with people like themselves. Although it’s convenient in the business environment, I believe it has already benefited me in other aspects of personal life and relationships - in terms of understanding others, how they work, and how to approach them. Salespeople sell to people with personalities different from their own, because of this there can be a mismatch. Customers don’t want to change themselves to suit the salesperson, the salesperson must adapt to reflect the customer’s style.

The Harvard School of Business published research which said that people buy based on two factors: Emotion and Logic. An emotional buy is something we Want! A logical buy is something we Need! Again, People buy from people they like!

10 Commandments of Effective Listening

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“The greatest compliment you can pay another human being is to give that person your undivided attention and time. This is what you do when you LISTEN!


The training ended with a cold calling assessment in which we had to follow the structure that we had been working on and tailor it to suit the company we work for. As my role will not necessarily require cold calls to be made, I took a more consultative approach to my live call assessment. 

Feedback and Evaluation

During our live calls our peers were required to observe and provide constructive feedback, which I found very beneficial. We evaluated our Strengths vs Development areas, which led onto Personal Development and Action Planning!

My Learning Outcomes/ Key takeaways

To conclude, my key takeaways would be learning how to effectively use a consultative sales approach to drive sales performance. I feel I can Identify the attributes of what makes a successful seller today and demonstrate the 9 Steps of the buying process to recognise how they can support a client’s progression through each stage. I learnt how to effectively and professionally get past gatekeepers and handle objections confidently and professionally to improve levels of client commitment. As well as demonstrating how to make a winning cold call.

Many thanks to Sam Sloan and Kat Poynton for sharing their extensive knowledge and skills with us all and making the training experience very enjoyable and engaging!

To my fellow Pareto Colleagues, it was a pleasure to meet you all and develop such great friendships! In true “Pareto Peers” style I’ll end this post with... “LOVE YA!” x

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