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Pareto Sales Fundamentals Training Course

Last week I attended the Sales Fundamentals training course led by Pareto Law at their office in Wilmslow, Cheshire. Having never been on a professional training course before I wasn’t sure what to expect, other than the stereotypes of training courses being perhaps tedious and sat watching PowerPoints! However, my experience could not have been further from that, Pareto’s course was fun, lively and most of all incredibly engaging. This was primarily down to the course teachers Samantha Sloan and Katrina Poynton who established a working environment that was supportive and had us up on our feet playing interactive games and participating in group work. In addition to this there were seventeen other graduates who had similarly just started their first jobs in the technology sector. I was so inspired by their attitude and drive and how well we collaborated as a team, reiterating to me the importance of seamlessly working and liaising with all the departments that make up Acuity Solutions.

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One of the many lessons I gleaned from Sales Fundamentals was the concept of ‘SMART’ objectives: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time bound. As a new starter in any role it’s essential to set yourself objectives to achieve, which is something I was already practicing at university, however, never previously had I organised my objectives using the ‘SMART’ method. For example, if you do not set yourself an objective that is actually time bound you’ll notice your motivation to reach it will start to weaken. This is definitely something that I will apply in my role as an account manager, as even small ‘SMART’ objectives are great guidelines to follow.  

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We also studied the psychology behind buying and selling. I found it surprising to discover that according to studies led by Harvard Business School, emotional reasons are responsible for 84% of purchases in comparison to logical reasons which are responsible for just 18% of purchases! Ultimately, we learnt how “people buy from people”, and therefore building long standing, interpersonal relationships with customers is a far more efficient way of gaining sales for your business.

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Leading on from this we looked at the four key personality types in business; Extrovert, Amiable, Analyst, and Pragmatist. I was found to be highly amiable, meaning I am very people-orientated and therefore enjoy small talk, but I tend to avoid taking risks and am not particularly competitive. After analysing our own personalities, we learnt how fundamental it is to carefully identify other personality types by noticing key indicators, and therefore tailor our communicative style in order to give better customer service.

Now that I’m back in our new London based office, I’m excited to see how I can implement everything I learnt from the Sales Fundamentals course into my role at Acuity, as well as follow the journeys of all the other graduates who I met in Wilmslow, and of course my fellow new starter Armani Ali!

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