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Primark, Armani or Sage X3. Where should you shop?

BY Michael Bulman |

10th April 2015 |

Firstly, I’d like to make it very clear that I am not a shopaholic, quite the opposite in fact. Online shopping has made men far happier countrywide. Now we can buy our clothes in peace! However, I have been assured that these clothing brands are polar opposites.

As always you will hardly be surprised to find that I am using the above as a hugely clever and subtle analogy for ERP solutions. But I do think it works rather well in this instance.

On one hand we have the Primark representatives. Brightly coloured, huge and promising the world at prices that makes one question the methods of creation and deliverance to their behemothic stores, the very stores where the hordes of teenage customers fight tooth, claw and brand new iPhone for the best deals.

And on the other hand we have the Armani representatives. Amongst the subtle colours and clean lines the quiet and civilised attendants lurk, ready to assist at the slightest inclination. The customer prowls calmly and confidently, taking their time as they explore the wares in a leisurely fashion.


It is these polar opposites that can be applied just as easily to the differing values of the tangled mesh of different ERP systems and their add-ons with the smooth, all-encompassing Sage X3.

And just as you may consider Primark the cheaper option you may consider the tangled mess of systems that you are using at the moment cheap. In fact the reality is that rather than buying one t-shirt for the next five years you are in fact investing in five t-shirts for the same period of time and this is due to quality. In other words value for money.

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Your Armani shirt on the other hand will last, just as Sage X3 will support your growing business throughout the world. It will expand and adjust where needed and be flexible for differing scenarios. Your Primark solution on the other hand will require upgrades and add-ons to be expensively pushed into working with your current systems. Never communicating efficiently and always being replaced. The price will, in the long run, tear past the cost of X3.


So when you come to review your systems don’t just throw on a Primark t-shirt. Go to Armani and find something that will last. Yes, it may be expensive to begin with but in the long run you are getting incredible value for your money.

Michael Bulman

Sage enthusiast and Acuity advocate.