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Ryan Dube joins the Acuity Team!

Here at Acuity, we are excited to announce that Ryan Dube has recently joined the team as our new Lead Cloud Solutions Consultant. 



Q1 Why did you join Acuity?

'I joined because Marcus, Lee and Steve (the 3 wise men) have a great eye for! Honestly I was looking to join a cloud 1st business or a business that was looking to go cloud 1st quickly and after discussions progressed with the 3 wise men I realised that Acuity’s ambitions are almost 100% aligned with mine. Through these discussions I learnt the leaders of Acuity were very down to earth and listened as much as they shared their vision, thoughts and plans and in no time started incorporating some of my thoughts into their strategy. After that it was a no brainer when they offered me an opportunity to join Acuity.'

Q2 What will you bring to Acuity?

'Well I am planning to bring Africa to the Acuity of the future. But baby steps...I am hoping to bring knowledge in certain areas although I know there is a lot I am going to learn as well. I will bring passion to my job as I have a huge desire for Acuity to be successful. I feel a huge sense of responsibility in my role and my view is to treat Acuity as if it were my own business and by doing this it will have a positive impact on the processes we put in place, the team we build and most importantly how we treat our customers. Oh and I hope I bring a few laughs along the way, what’s the point if you're not having fun along the way!'

Q3 What attracted you to Acuity?

'I pictured myself also having a team meeting on the Thames and I was sold! I mentioned it earlier the clincher for me is something that kept me at Sage for 6 years. My personal ambition was aligned to the On Demand strategy so much that it did not makes sense for me to think twice. I love that Acuity is going 100% digital, I love the fact that Acuity is driving and fully supporting the cloud products in its business and these are the main points that attracted me to Acuity.'

Q4 What are your first month objectives?

'I was going to say to help Raj with 1 major issue he is having but since I have already done that I am focusing on month 2 😁. I think there is a lot I am hoping to achieve and quite quickly as well but without getting too granular in my 1st month I am looking to start setting a solid foundation with Raj and Lee that will enable the On Demand team to scale quickly and work efficiently through an agile methodology which will keep the team lean but able to take on more business all while keeping our customers happy.'

Q5 What are you currently excited about in your new role?

'Focusing on cloud products and bringing efficiency to businesses through cloud technology. I am extremely excited about working with the Acuity team in general, I am hearing good things about Acuity from Sage Colleagues. I am particularly looking forward to collaborating with the On Demand team as we venture into a new realm of business.'

Q6 What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

'I am a HUGE family man so spending time with my wife, daughter (9) and son (6)...I know she is reading this so I had to get that one out the way. I love my golf and watching sport I am a huge fan of The All Blacks and Man United. I know I have created immediate enemies but I thought I better be honest and just put it out there. I am enjoying the World Cup Soccer at the moment #GoEngland! 😁'

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