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Sage 200cloud Help Series: How to create a new user in Sage 200cloud!

As you expand your business and add to your Sage 200cloud team, you will at some stage need to create new users.

For Sage 200 Online you will have to have a login created. You will have a main contact who was registered by Acuity, who can create a new user account via that Sage portal. So all you need do is to request that, and once that is created you will receive a welcome e-mail with your login and you can set up the password on the link from the e-mail.

I will assume this has been done and you have set up your Sage account which is usually your e-mail address and your own password, which you will have set up after receiving the welcome e-mail.

So, if you are the main contact then you can create a new user via the Sage portal in the following way:

  •  Open an IE Browser and type in into the address bar.

  • Sign in with your e-mail and password as set up previously
  • Click on “Organisations” in the top left hand corner, and this takes you into your company
  • Next, scroll down to the "Users"


  • Now click on "Add User" as above
  • Type in the name, last name, most importantly e-mail, and click on "Customer User=ticked"
  • If you want the user to be an administrator then tick "Customer Administrator"
  • Click "save" and that will create the user and send an invitation e-mail to the address you specified of the new user in question
  • That user then gets a welcome e-mail and will be able to login to the Sage Portal

The new user will now have to set up their own Sage 200cloud client.

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Marek Golinski

Sage 200 & X3 Support